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Religious contracts and Satan are (1).

With many debating over which religious contract is right, we would like to take this opportunity to relate how Satan is a contract.
Now Satan from its root meaning means accuser of the soul…now if we take a look at references, each of these are in fact contracts of any given description.
This is where many of our current debates, take place at the end result and not the beginning question.
So let’s do that:
In any question these are always unlimited effects of any given action in a situation.
Now we have limited our self’s, to not be able to help someone; as they come out side of a contract, be it religious, political or any other way, in which a contract may be put upon some one.
Now since many of us have taken on religious dogmatic contracts where we repeat a given sentence until we brainwash our self; many may not see this as easy as others.
As some may defend with in them self their own contractual agreement with death, as the moment we stop living in the now and adapting to our situations is the moment we lose touch with reality.
So if we let these contracts go and instead just make one contract that is to work for good and not your own good, yet the good of many and as one.
Then we can begin to see the now, and getting our head out of religious dogmatic behaviour within most of our society that requires us to question given contracts in place, where many have been tampered for private use, or to question on the side of profit and not prophets.
So when some one asks you any of these contracts ask why they do, and instead have to follow Satan (contracts = accusers) over good…
A few as guidance are these:
“You must say Christ died for you and you are washed of your sins.”
“You must say that Mohammed is blessed and a true prophet.”
“Moses gave us the law and so the law stands.”
“You must swear allegiance to any religion as separate to be in our club.”
“You must swear allegiance to the monarchy.”
“You must follow these rules in politics.”
“You must follow these rules in sciences.”
“You must follow these laws and rules and regulations that are impossible to comprehend to begin with, yet we trust you will understand them?”
“You can not have sex until you are married.”
“You can not marry who you want yet who we say.”
“You must have this, that and be as we say.”
“All life (meat) is edible as that is what is meant for.”
“Drinking alcohol is ok.”
“Cannabis is a drug.”

So in that entire list we cold continue and can easily show where they contradict good.
Yet in each they are so clearly Anti-Christ as how can anyone live?
When we try so much to die and make everything old principles that no longer work.
Now this is the result of Satan it is self and for once we are not referring to a monster yet ego within every atom the dense part of its self on sub atomic level.
So when you get a voice saying this doesn’t know what it is on about, then you just accused your self of being Satan.
As all we do is write what is good, and this makes clear sense to many.
The problem stems that within the dogmatic behaviours and contracts set in motion by others, and not our self’s, they have over shadowed light its self within our life’s.
As we see countless people in fear and suffering due to these ridiculous contracts and as such every last one is devised by Satan according to our texts as examples.
For as King David whose advisors suggested, counting the numbers of people….yet good it self told David not to, and in doing so it caused segregation and separation of the state as this is all that can happen from doing this as we see.
So why our lives would be controlled by a number?
Each of us has a number to trade with; without this try living in most westernised satanic(contractual) cultures?
So before we accuse each other as we so often see, why not recognize there are always 3 fingers pointing back; if you point…So don’t judge!
So how can we judge and make a contract and say this is right and this is wrong?
Where do people get scammed in most industries?
Contracts and there it says enough as how can ego rule our states?
We have let it through trying to close down every last missing contract, we can’t!
There are always more, where they come from!
As good doesn’t add complexities without explaining them simply to begin with as nature and the circle of life us life; in that is dying due to contracts we made.
So as such politics is a waste of time, as where it is given to make a contract that holds no weight over time.
For example again we can give Moses error and why so many stood against this through out our histories world wide.
Because Good of Moses didn’t say write the laws his father in law did, isn’t Moses supposed to have lived in the now, well he did to begin and was administering justice between the people individually, then it all went wrong and was recorded as laws.
Now we have so many laws that no one follows any as they can’t keep up with all of Satan’s work as this article relates.
As how can we when we taught to be judgemental and accusative of others from previous laws that having nothing to do with life in the now and since God is life and the now, we don’t follow that if we follow contractual agreements.
So to begin freeing our self’s this doesn’t start in blaming politics yet within the self.
Remove that so called ego that is not you and clutters the mind daily we accusation of others and so allowing your self to be used for bad….why as you say you good is better then everyone else’s.
So instead learn to live in the now if matter needs fixing it need fix then not later, and so when we are busy making laws for when this or that happens it really is a waste of time until said event comes to flourishion.
So be at one with all in good, and then that abides in your every atom, as above atoms them self and the light that stimulates the creative and energy we receive is not our own, yet of heaven.
So why would we need to make separate records if heaven is its own judgement.
As if you are here you are judgmental which is the definition we have given to sinners as it is more clear from Solomon’s writings, of speaking of bad and sinner (in the same sentence), which wouldn’t make sense.
So we give the fact that judgmental-ness is a sinner as called, and so all those contract makers didn’t know God.
So make it your last time to judge someone by a book that was written thousands of years ago and say this contract says….
As in each of us we have inherent beauty and love that can be shared, yet when we think of love as human then it ends and so we lack energy.
Yet when we see that above every atom its self the light that holds the fabric of the universe together then this is us.
So between us we can build a new world, not by saying we know as we never do until things happen.
If you do think you know then you also know Satan within your self, as only oneness knows and this we see if we are perfect in life and try at all costs to help oneness over contracts and judgemental-ness.
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