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The New Name of Christ is...

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In Revelation 21:27 when it says the 'Lamb's Book of Life'...

'Lamb' in Greek used is 'G721 ἀρνίον arnion', which is a plural diminutive used in the Fake Gospel of John 21:15 as 'Lambs' i.e 'a young flock'.

Therefore when in Revelation 5:6 the 7 Eyes placed on the Lambs that goes out throughout the nations, is the Flock of Israel by definition of prophecy (Deuteronomy 28), in Hebrew is Zan (צאן).

Therefore it is 'Zan's Book of Life'.

Zan is the flock, and Zion is David's (ציון ▬ צאן).
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 Re: The New Name of Christ is...

Posted: 2022/8/1 12:00  Updated: 2022/8/1 12:00


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This is a start to some of the prophecies I understand to align, and need to be clear in what is being discussed Biblically:
In my understanding King David was prophesied in Psalm 89:19-21 to be the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 52:10-14 with the naming Yeshua; it is then prophesied that King Zion comes with the Good News Isaiah 52:7, Isaiah 40:9, Isaiah 41:27.

I believe we're coming up to Armageddon (Israel Vs Iran, etc), with Christ returned before it; where when it takes place Betelgeuse will have been seen to have gone supernova, and then our whole reality will change dramatically (Revelation 16:15-21).

This post is in the hope we can logically rectify some of the religious differences before the events between us; if not I believe God showed me that we will keep the Enlightened Saints, and the rest will be removed from reality as prophesied globally.

Feel free to ask any questions about why I believe these religious utterances add up, before dissecting it all.

Please also feel free to get your religious authorities to come & discuss the details with us.