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Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted? Posted on: 2005/9/30 22:57
Dude here..Wow that is good, yes we have downed a couple of them, they use electromagnetic inmpulse piggybacked onto a type of laser. Its the little grays we have downed, which are satans creations, me thinks. They will never down one of heavens ufos, that impossible to do I am thinking..

Some of them do have time travel, to figure future events. I have a book where a cardinal in the 9th century, was doing out of body stuff and going to the akashic record of the future, and saw the machine age coming. The papacy then killed all knowledge of the spirit, via the inquisition to controll the future. They then will bring back the knowlegdge of the spirit in their own way, or spiritualism. which has alraedy been done. The book is "Spear of Destiny" by Trevor Ravenscroft.. Its full of stuff like that. So Ufos aint the only ones reading the future, the vatican is too and ya can bet high level satanists are doing it to, along with satan himself. In fact in montauk, Long island somebody has a particle accelerator up there, thats tied to the philadelphia experiment. It does time travel too. They have went back in time and tried to kill Jesus, but it didnt work. They did get some of his blood tho, for cloning// So the book says.. "Montauk" by Peter Moon.

Man wouldnt ya like to go thru a wormhole? I sure would...

I am growed up, sounds like you are to. we just gotta get the rest to grow up, but with mind control and neuro-linguistic programing, seems we are beating our heads against the wall. But they havnt got us all, not yet, by dingys. lol

Hey I gotta go away for awhile, I am sure going to miss this thread. I feel alive here.. someday we will take a ridee in one of heavens ufos. Man wont that be something. I can see it now, buzzing a black hole, doing drivbys on planets, talking exitedly to the angels, Saying things like, "Hey I saw you guys and your UFO on such and such a day". Its going to be exciting. We serve an amazing God.. Ill talk to ya when I get back, could be a month.. miss ya already David ..peace out.. I bind us together for safety and protection, in Jesus name, amen.. Ufo's away...yea!
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Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted? Posted on: 2005/10/15 15:28
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
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Dude... i have some highly classified info on some goverment UFO projects that have to do with plasma shielding a triangle craft causing a negative G-force effect, to the sum of up to 90%... this means even the occupants inside can take 90% more G forces... imagine how fast we can move. Why aren't we using this stuff for space travel publicly? Are we being held down by E.T.? Perhaps things on earth are not peaceful enough yet... who knows... i think if i sit here and think about it for a couple days i can figure it out. i'm out, hope to hear from ya soon man, love to the EARTH! :P :) I've also theorized this may well be why E.T.'s are always documented as extremely skinny... the less weight you carry, the faster you can go... the less G-force that is applied to the body because you weigh less! Less matter/mass! What they need to do is put some type of matter/disrupter inside the craft so that the occupants get to zero point gravity, and can travel as fast as they want feeling no g force whatsoever. p.s. the government needs my ideas... lol i can get us whever we want to go within 20 years... just teach me the advanced hidden physics. I just love it when this stuff leaks out. It's what i live for.
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Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted? Posted on: 2005/10/17 22:18
Not too shy to talk
2005/10/17 21:13
From Springfield, Mo
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Hi David, seems I am back for a week, soz lets roll! Plasma sheilding sounds interesting enough. I am kinda like you, if I could get the super secret stuff, I could put a lot together. In fact I would like to work for Majestic 12, and things like that.

As far as public stuff goes, they dont want to compete with individuals who might not see things their way. The bible tells us babylon is an evil force. It goes on to say that greed and evil people in "sheeps clothing" are controlling the last generation. So they aint gonna share stuff like this, because they cant controll us if they did. Think about it, we have had free energy from earths magnectic field since 1910. Nikola Tesla figured that out. JP Morgan pulled the plug on his research by finacially stopping the money flow. Because JP Morgan knew he couldnt make money from free energy.

Now Governments want to controll the world into a "new world order". If the top leaders are satan worshippers, which is what many books now say, they will not give us free energy either. Because its imperative they control Gods people. The only way to control us, is by controlling energy. By forcing us to buy gasoline, they can shut us down anytime they want, by stopping the flow of gas to the pumps. Satan wants to hold hostage Gods people by forcing us to use technolgy, we have to get from big corporations, which evil, greedy people own. If we had free energy, satan couldnt hold us hostage like hes doing..

The ET question is interesting. They are definatly holding us down because we are possibly a wild card. For one thing it depends on the ET. The tall and short grays are slippery and appear to work for Lucifer and the fallen angels. This is seen by the religion they preach, such as "we are evolving into Gods", all "mens souls are immortal", and, "there is no real God"; this is what they teach. That sounds like dragon doctrine to me, or satans doctrines. Its the same stuff New Age puts out..

Not only that, but there are tens of thousands of women who are abducted by grays, who take the womens eggs when they drop from the overys. These eggs are used to make other grays and who knows what else. Not only that, but the biggest prof they arnt from God, is the fact whenever any abductee starts praying, or saying the name of "Jesus", the grays stop what they are doing and return the women back to their homes. Now I have given you 3 things that show the grays are not from God, but some evil force; which has to be the devil.

As far as travel goes, I know this. There is a travel dimension that the advanced UFO's can get to. They dissapear when there, but the main thing is, time stops there. So if ya are going to the other end of the universe, and use this travel dimension, there is no time involved. Now I hope our government has been blocked from ever learning how to access this. They are to corrupt and greedy already, working for big business and satan, to ever be trusted with this ability. From what I have read about all other technology; that is astounding, like time travel, the phiadelphia exp, montauk, mind controll, HAARp, ect - it all seems to be run by satanists. They will never allow decent good people to develop this and run with it, because thats been done, but they have all beeen killed/murdered.

It is satan who runs this world. It is satan who controls technology. It is satan who holds hostage, Gods people on earth. It is satan who controlls the denominations and forces dragon worship. I could go on and on here, but dont want to run off on a tangent.

Hears some interesting stuff, at Montuak; they have developed a new thing. Its dissapearing equipment. Its about the size of a walkman radio that clips on your belt. It has 3 buttons or positions. One positiion makes you dissapear, but you can still see this realm.The other position makes you disappear into the real time zone where you can see our astral projections, and the third position, i dont remember what it does. Think of the advantage they have with a device that allows invisibilty of the body, without being "out of the body".

Again these are satanists that controll this technology. If the grays are giving anything up at all, its only to satanists. Hitler was in contack with Et's. But when he started doing genocide, the good ETs left him and the grays stepped in and continued contact with Hitler; but only after he started killing the jews. The good Ets Hitler was originally in contack with, were the pledians, I think, I am not sure about that tho. So dont quote me on it.. But watch out for the grays, I had 3 of them in my home 2 yrs ago, because of a phone call I made. They are not good guys, but are forced by fear, to work for satan and the fallen angels.

I should tell you many shamans can disappear and reappear a thousand miles away, by using this travel dimension, I mentioned earlier. This is something that could be taught to every human being on earth. But do you think our pentegon will do that. No way, not if its all gone satanic. They cant controll christians popping up at secret meetings of satan and satanists, using the powerful Name of Yashua , to break it up and send the devil running like a coward. How long would satan last if he got pushed out of his own meeting, like that? Not very long, his whole empire would crumble.

So if satan doesnt controll this technology, his empire will be destroyed by christians like me, who would go after him, with this ability. This stuff has always been around, but satan has already controlled it, knowing it will be his demise if he doesnt. Being a follower of Yashua puts one at war with the Devil. And he is already forced to submit to the authority of any believer who stands on the nameof Jesus. If Believers got wind of time travel, and dimension travel; we would destroy satans kingdom on earth. And thats probably the most important reason this is all controlled. Hope this helps explain some of this stuff, David.. Been a pleasure talking to ya.. Whats next?
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Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted? Posted on: 2005/10/19 18:56
Hers a good UFo site run by an exorcists I have met!
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