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Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted? Posted on: 2005/12/18 16:49
The Cosmic Pulse of Life by Trevor Ravenscroft, ISBN # 0-945685-07-6
page 283 - Ethereans whose amazing space ships that speed thru our skys must be credited with the ability to look into and tune in any human mind on earth. In their communications they have repeatedly said they have this capability. The watch the doings of people on earth as part of their policing operations.

Operating from the unseen, Ahrimanic powers are the stimulaters, inspirers and often outright controllers of human beings they wish to use for death, destrution, or even false doctrines and controll over denominations. Such psychic controll through advanced types of radionic devices was the menace I was warned about!
Earthman by the thousands are already under this type of control. Every learned occultists is aware of this problem. The televised hearings on many U.S. controversies in the last decade has seen known decent, moral men; make serious unethical decisions when it counted the most. One can site no more pungnant example of psychic control by these ethereans than this, where good men were inspired to tear the moral and ethical fabric of america to shreds!

People of earth had best take note that psychic control of earth is far, far advanced. The perpetuation of this source and its expansion, depends on one fact, "human ignorance of its reality". (end of quote)

I feel led to say that this is most likely whats going on here. David came on the scene looking for ufo literature and such. All was good untill he changed suddenly into" all aliens are good and there are no bad ones". It would seem he came under psychic mind controll by these ethereans who made him say that. He lost all common sense and become rigid in his beliefs. But in the beginning he was not that way. Apperently, we drew the attention of the ethereans and they started their radiotronics beaming, is when it all feel apart. The same could be going on with wiz, he does ok up to a point, then it all falls apart. Again this is probably radiotronics beamed at him by the ethereans. I have had something similiar happen also. I know something from the outside is pushing my emotional buttons at times. And its out of character for me and I know better. But yet it happens at times.
We need to put this before Yashua, and ask that this is blocked and to be safe from it..amen!

psychic radionics control from ethereans!
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Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted? Posted on: 2005/12/25 3:31
Hello? Is this earth? What planet is this? Hello?
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Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted? Posted on: 2005/12/25 4:54
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Yes welcome

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Re: Are Visitors from Space misinterpreted? Posted on: 2005/12/28 8:40
Hi, this is David. I don't know about aliens mind controlling me with their nuerological radionic electromagnetic discombulators thing a magingies... sounds like someone has taken quite a bit too much smoke in from the magic pipe(if you know what i mean) to me. Aliens are not all friendly, but again, that does not mean they are hostile... how do we know this? Earth still exists. Now, if we were to become hostile, we can expect to see hostility shown to us. Alien culture should be expected to be very different than our own. Misunderstandings from these differences could very well cause hostility as well... that is... if our alien friends had an i.q. of under 200. Intelligent beings are totally capable of thinking about such things, therefore they should not judge us by our culture, no matter how strange it may seem to them. vice versa. I've gotta run, take care all, hope you all wake up to your awareness of your awareness, and your consciousness of your consciousness.
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