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Job Had a Divine Being And the Almighty Posted on: 2021/8/18 13:35
2004/3/26 7:04
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Job 5:17  Behold,H2009 happyH835 is the manH582 whom GodH433 (Eloh) correcteth:H3198 therefore despiseH3988 notH408 thou the chasteningH4148 of the Almighty:H7706

Job_6:4  ForH3588 the arrowsH2671 of the AlmightyH7706 are withinH5978 me, the poisonH2534 whereofH834 drinketh upH8354 my spirit:H7307 the terrorsH1161 of GodH433 (Eloh) do set themselves in array againstH6186 me.

Job_11:7  Canst thou by searchingH2714 find outH4672 God?H433 (Eloh) canst thou find outH4672 the AlmightyH7706 untoH5704 perfection?H8503

Job_22:26  ForH3588 thenH227 shalt thou have thy delightH6026 inH5921 the Almighty,H7706 and shalt lift upH5375 thy faceH6440 untoH413 God.H433 (Eloh)

Job_27:10  Will he delight himselfH6026 inH5921 the Almighty?H7706 will he alwaysH3605 H6256 call uponH7121 God?H433 (Eloh)

Job_31:2  For whatH4100 portionH2506 of GodH433 (Eloh) is there from above?H4480 H4605 and what inheritanceH5159 of the AlmightyH7706 from on high?H4480 H4791

Job_40:2  Shall he that contendethH7378 withH5973 the AlmightyH7706 instructH3250 him? he that reprovethH3198 God,H433 (Eloh) let him answerH6030 it.

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