Oneness - True Faith
3 Frogs Posted on: 2023/1/1 10:29
2004/3/26 7:04
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Explaining 3 Demonic Frogs:
Churches of Sardonic Synagogues,
Making Gentiles as Pharisaic dogs -
Sadistic dialogues.
Saul & Sheol (Hell) are spelled the same;
Petros (Pebble) & Petras (Rock) are not.
Yeshua spoke in Parables, & didn't keep making, "I Am" statements about himself.

John, Paul & Simon were Pharisaic,
Which was problematic,
As their Gospel became emblematic;
With ecstatic Balaam teachings,
& evangelic preachings.
Obsessing over what's stigmatic,
Rather than honouring regalic;
Glorifying scrutinously archaic,
Instead of charismatic & systemic.

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