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Perpetual motion machine Posted on: 2006/1/21 1:05
Who invented this machine? The greatest inventor of all time (my opinion). Nikola Tesla! This mans inventions revolutionized science.

Edison got credit for most of his inventions. Tesla work in harmony WITH nature. He said "If you can figure out 3,6 & 9's the universe is yours. Do you know what he means?

Nikola invented a house that was ENERGY FREE. It ran off the earths energy grid. J.P. Morgan said "As long as there is breath in my body there will be no free energy."

He made good on this. A man hired by J.P Morgan George C. Boldt filed suit against Tesla. Tesla won the case, but went bankrupt doing so. The House was dismantled by various contractors, but through various channels most the technology became property of Raytheon. Who made the Star Wars defensive weapons circling over our heads?

Anyway enough venting. Perpetual Motion Machine. What would that mean to us? Wouldn't have to use fossil fuels to power power plants, or to pump water, no pollution (no byproduct). Where is this machine? Probly the same place a caburator that got 80 miles to the gallon went, on a shelf for futher reseach as we where told. Then as they knew over time people forgot.

Why would anyone do this? Good question. What do you think?
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Re: Perpetual motion machine Posted on: 2006/1/21 8:51
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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Well guess what??

"Take 2"

I have a perpetual motion design that should work, I have approached the east midlands innovation center and Nottingham Trent technical university, I asked the top physics and engineering professor and after 3 weeks with my idea. He replied "he is not sure if the design would work and the only way to tell would be to build a proto type".
The innovation center after 3 weeks replied early in the morning, when I was half a sleep and basically said if you stopped a wheel on a bike, eventually the bike would stop moving. lol
Using this principle with my invention to say it wouldn't work if you stopped part of it.
Yet that is the idea it uses all the parts to be perpetual anyway.
This as soon as I have resources we will do.

A basic guide of the design is that it can move water at high speeds along pipes and also will produce electricity in the process from the energy produced.

My plan if it works and I can get it off the ground, is to re-irrigate a lot of the unfertile land, by bringing sea water in land and using salt flats, to gradually. Put the salts which would provide fertiliser and gradual bring back rivers where we have destroyed them.

All of this though, we will see, as Babylon rules with an iron hand at present and unless we get a large enough collective of people, the same will happen as you are saying here it will vanish or I will vanish.

N B with U
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Re: Perpetual motion machine Posted on: 2006/1/22 0:18
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
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Ever heard about using trees for electricity?! That's right... trees have voltage. :) Problems solved. In fact, if you wanted to, you could go right into your back yard and hook stuff up right at this very moment.

Peace and Love.
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Re: Perpetual motion machine Posted on: 2006/1/25 1:27
Why would perpetual motion machine be beifical? We could use less fossil fuels, make it last longer. Tesla work within the foundations of nature. Everything is in waves or pulses. Think about it, how does your heart beat? How does your intestines move? How does water move?

The digital age is ok. We wouldn't be doing this website with out it. Machines are neither good nor bad, It's wht we do with them that makes them good or bad.

Tesla's life was driven by the desire to help man live with in nature and to understandour full potential. He wasn't driven by money, only to help.

If we are to change the world, we need to start with ourselves,
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