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Re: Perpetual motion machine Posted on: 2006/2/21 20:25
=->Wiz and a Electricity
The Idea I have wasn't mine, I only browsed the idea, if you know what I mean.
I had a problem that needed an idea and it popped into my head from no where i.e. God gave it me.
I did also hear though it is for 'after??', so yes what you are saying is correct Dude.
I have taken the idea to both a technical university we have in my city and the local goverment funding for inventions, both are unsure if it would work and say I would have to build a prototype, which on both is a positive.

Yet we need worker as the Harvbest is huge now and still no workers.

You see me personally I have over 10 inventions that are worth loads, yet I don't want money or fame.

If I can establish this site and the inventions into a charity(if you understand the system then it will make sense to you) Then all can go to the causes of God.

I know we all have our diffrences in odd things, yet one thing does remain true, we all met by chance and there is no such thing as chance.

We all believe in One God if we get more of us, as you know there is.

I beleieve we are all here to pull this off together!!

So if we all work togther as one then we may accomplish this and more!!
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Re: Perpetual motion machine Posted on: 2006/2/22 0:47
hey dude, I'm sorry I missed that bit of info. That book really opened my eyes. Then as I looked for the truth, piece by piece, it would find me.

As posted earlier, the list is long and only a very few know the whole picture and I'm not one, yet, I have enough pieces to get an overview.

Yes, we need this technology now, could you imagined what it would be like tody if it was used when first invented?

Those reading this, DON'T GIVE UP! the fat lady hasn't sang yet. Even now there are those people who have been greedy all these years and are turning to God. They've realized that there is something more powerful than the power that they thought they had.

Keep praying, meditating, loving and positive thoughts.

God Bless
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Re: Perpetual motion machine Posted on: 2006/3/4 20:35
Everyone here is a magazine dedicated to Tesla technology.

296 E. Donna Dr.
Queen Valley, AZ

That's all for right now Delta is in Omaha.

God Bless
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Re: Perpetual motion machine Posted on: 2006/3/12 0:30
last post good bye and God Bless.
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