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Which God is Right? Posted on: 2023/11/18 17:34
2004/3/26 7:04
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Having read, and discussed many religions globally online for years now, the issue isn't so much which God, yet what is God?

Many of the world's religious texts concur with a central concept of a Source of reality, that made everything we exist within.

If we can quantify our whole universe, it is potentially showing we exist inside something similar to computer code; as it is all mathematically concise down to an atomic level.

Because everywhere in nature, we can see the Fibonacci sequence (snail shell, finger print, ocean wave, galaxy spiral), we can show there has to be a central source to the mathematics.

So God is like a Universal Central Processor (CPU), creating reality at a quantum level.

Then we apply that same theory to the world's religions: Chronos means time & order; where Chronos organized chaos (Nyx) into Logic.

The Bible ideologies have that the God Most High is the Source of everything; 'El Elyon' in Hebrew translated into Arabic, becomes 'Ala Ilah'.

Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism means the Lord of Wisdom, and is the Source of reality.

Even the Norse religion doesn't stop at Odin as the God; he gained his powers from the Source of reality Mímir - at the Well of Wisdom.

Buddha spoke of the Universal Mind being the cause of reality.

Lao Tzu didn't remove the concept of there being a Source, he just declared if we name it, everyone argues about their idea being the best.

The problem is every person, even with this wealth of previous wisdom on the matter available to us, they will have their own slightly different concept of how they perceive God.

Theology is like many routes up a mountain to the one peak; yet people argue their way is best. If they could see the bigger picture from the top, they'd see most take the long route, as there is an elevator in the middle of the mountain - accessible by using certain plants.

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