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Terrence McKenna
Re-Evolution Posted on: 2006/2/24 23:20
=->Terrence McKenna
Human history represents such a radical break with the natural systems of biological organization that preceded it, that it must be a response to a kind of attractor, or dwell point that lies ahead in the temporal dimension. Persistently, Western religions have integrated into their theologies the notion of a kind of end of the world, and I think that a lot of psychedelic experimentation sort of confirms this intution, I mean, it isn't going to happen according to any of the scenerios of orthodox religion, but the basic intuition, that the universe seeks closure in a kind of omega point of transcendence, is confirmed, it's almost as though this object in hyperspace, glittering in hyperspace, throws off reflections of itself, which actually ricochet into the past, illuminating this mystic or inspiring that saint or visionary, and that out of these fragmentary glimpses of eternity we can build a kind of map, of not only the past of the universe, and the evolutionary eggresion into novelty, but a kind of map of the future. This is what shamanism has always been about. A shaman is someone who has been to the end, someone who knows how the world really works, and knowing how the world really works means to have risen outside, above, beyond the dimensions of ordinary space, time, and casuistry, and actually seen the wiring under the board, stepped outside the confines of learned culture and learned and embedded language, into the domain of what Wittgenstein called "the unspeakable", the transcendental prescence of the other, which can be absanctioned, in various ways, to yeild systems of knowledge which can be brought back into ordinary social space for the good of the community, so in the context of ninety percent of human culture, the SHAMAN has been the agent of evolution, because the shaman learns techniques to go between ordinary reality and the domain of the ideas, this higher dimensional continuum that is somehow parallel to us, available to us, and yet ordinarily occluded by cultural convention out of fear of the mystery. What shamans are, I believe, are people who have been able to de-condition themselves from the community's instinctual distrust of the mystery, and to go into it, to go into this bewildering higher dimension, and gain knowledge, recover the jewel lost at the beginning of time, to save souls, cure, commune with the ancestors and so forth and so on. Shamanism is not a religion, it is a set of techniques, and the principal technique is the use of psychedelic plants. What psychedelics do is they dissolve boundaries, and in the prescence of dissolved boundaries, one cannot close one's eyes to the ruination of the earth, the poisoning of the seas, and the consequences of two thousand years of unchallenged dominator culture, based on monotheism, hatred of nature, suppression of the female and so on. So what shamans have to do is act as exemplars, by making this cosmic journey to the domain of the Gaian ideas, and then bringing them back in the form of art to the struggle to save the world. The planet has a kind of intelligence, it can actually open a channel of communication with an individual human being. The message that nature sends is, transform your language through a synergy between electronic culture and psychedelic imagination, a synergy between dance and idea, a synergy between understanding and intuition, and disolve the boundaries that your culture has sanctioned between you, to become part of this Gaian supermind, I mean I think it's fairly profound, fairly apocalyptic. History is ending. I mean, we are to be the generation that witnesses the revelation of the purpose of the cosmos. History is the shockwave of the Eschaton. History is the shockwave of eschatology, and what that means for those of us who will live through this transition into hyperspace, is that it will be privilaged to see the greatest release of compressed change probably since the birth of the universe. The twentieth century is the shudder that announces the approaching cataracts of time over which our species and the destiny of this planet is about to be swept.
If the truth can be told so as to be understood, it will be believed.
The emphasis in house music and rave culture on physiologically compatible rhythms and that sort of thing is really the rediscovery of the art of natural magic with sound, that sound, properly understood, especially percussive sound, can actually change neurological states, and large groups of people getting together in the presence of this kind of music are creating a telepathic community of bonding that hopefully will be strong enough that it can carry the vision out into the mainstream of society. I think that the youth culture that is emerging in the nineties is an end of the millenium culture that is actually summing up Western civilization and pointing us in an entirely different direction, that we're going to arrive in the third millenium, in the middle of an archaic revival, which will mean a revival of these physiologically empowering rhythm signatures, a new art, a new social vision, a new relationship to nature, to feminism, to ego. All of these thing are taking hold, and not a moment too soon.
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Re: Re-Evolution Posted on: 2006/2/25 2:18
Not too shy to talk
2006/2/23 12:22
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Yea, this is the age of the culmination of Earth's destiny. And indeed, the Bible's and Nostradamus' prophecy about Armageddon is true to a certain extent. In olden interpretation, it is complete destruction of the Earth matter-wise, which sounded morbid. Because in reality, the 3rd-dimensional world is ceasing to be as we move upwards in vibrational frequency. Actually, we are moving towards the City of Light status, a university for advanced souls. Souls who choose to still undergo 3rd-dimensional lessons are leaving the Earth en mass, up until year 2013.

As energy is vibration, vibration is sound, and sound create words, words create thoughts, and so on, we intuitively realise the primal vibration of creativity. This is reflected in drums, in percussion instruments. One can surely recall the vibrational depth and attunement of listening to drums, gongs and bells. They connect us to our divine origin, the oneness before we choose physical embodiment. Look at the world's ancient tribal traditions and mystical religions. Drums and gongs abound.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word is OM...

Om mani peme hung.


& ALways
Who am I? Who are You? Let's have a long conversation without words.
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13 Dimension
Re: Re-Evolution Posted on: 2006/2/25 9:13
=->13 Dimension
Ok just to clarify,

There are 13 dimensions, a Quick list is this:

1 length, single strand this is what you use to see David, it is a single Spirit.

2 Width, Strand that has started to understand its self and remove EGO

3 Depth, so making images that you see this is the myriad of things.

4 Time and Space, yet in a linear time frame, this is movement to animate things.

5 Gravity, now this I do ponder as I keep being shown dreams from people around me of a dark energy in the center of the universe, well this is, its heavy, the quark as reflected in on its self. Through this dimension it makes the movement of the planets and we have time and a way in which to learn. Yet also through this as I am now beginning to realise it is also Kali (The age of limitation, the dark women in Hinduism). So yes this may be a point of concern for us all in a way as you have to see past do you see past time you ask??? Well this is linear so there is a line to look at there is history; if you know where you have been you know where you are going. This is what Buddha, Yeshua and others have successfully passed while here and understood who they are from beginning to end in this life to begin with this take careful analyzing. Then they have realised that the I checking it self, is more then that as at time in their life's, there has been events that are unquestionably unreal or pre-known. so they only conclusion is to look out side of the box of normal existence and to see the whole, at this point they realise there consciousness is also part of the whole as consciousness and is one entity in its self. So then they remove the I and there is just us, oneness.

6 <----Is matter, now science hasn't got here yet, Einstein only went to 5 with mathematics, this is the matrix as the film put it, as for things to exist they need all of these dimensions if you can see. It is also called the Maya which is basically all is spirit and consciousness, which leads us on to..

7 We think in Anti-matter, its not here or there, consciousness is the same in everyone. We think in 7 we act in 6.

8 is infinity as the number it self suggests, as something at some point must have created everything, so that means it could also choose something different, as it created the movement of the stars and time it self.

9 is Chaos as it is outside of time and so therefore is random order of strands.

10 is the whole the matrix as things exist on a sub atomic level and on each level they exist in a dynamic field that is mathematical. So something must contain a dimension for it to be a dimension.

11 is love as this in its self adds a dimension to life. Look at nature and how there is male and female in most species that find a mate and fall in love. Why would the painter add such beautiful colours, unless this is the painter's style was this and there is such beauty and wealth of love in the painter, that it shows through out the painting, in the dynamic that have been added.

12 is wisDom as Dom is a place ie KingDom, FreeDom, it is the logic that has made the universe i.e. Tao/Dao. Without logic the whole universe would fall to pieces, again each dimension must contain the others. So this is where many of the elders sit in heaven this is why they angels people say are glowing. As this dimension if you see contains all the others and so bright radiant light as it transcends the single line quark and has control of its surroundings. That single line strand it began with as being the EGO has now reflected in out and questioned every aspect of its self and helped other showing it understood what is meant. Love is also heaven and passing 10 is the start of oneness as being free of desires helps other be like this.

13 is God, what is God? The center point of the whole universe, no longer a single entity, yet the middle reflection of everything, of every life forms and creature, all of it God feels even what's going on in level 1. Yet also with out the central processor, God in the center singing the most beautiful song the universe; wouldn't be, as even logic has to come from somewhere, you see. This is why 13 is so special as yes we can added numerous other dimensions and say these have numerous levels, yet really this is scientific in its approach as well, yet taken from the I-Ching, The Commandments and the Mythologies.
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The Shamen - Re: Evolution with Terence McKenna - Live Posted on: 2007/5/8 11:12
2004/3/26 7:04
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N B with U
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