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Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion Posted on: 2006/2/27 19:15
Mat 5:9-10 Blessed are the peacemakers! For they shall be called the sons of God. (10) Blessed are they who have been persecuted for righteousness sake! For theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.
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Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion Posted on: 2006/2/27 19:52
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
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Who IS the peacemaker in a time of war? The soldier who fights for peace, or the citizen who sits at home claiming that he/she is peace? The peacemaker is the truth seeker... the peacemaker is the one that comes forward in all honesty. Peace does not always pertain to physical and visual war. WHO is the peacemaker? What is peace? How is it achieved? Truth, love, compassion, tolerance, unity. Without the former you cannot have any of the latter. Truth must be seeked to stop wars. Truth must be seeked to find common ground.
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Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion Posted on: 2006/2/28 2:22
Not too shy to talk
2005/10/17 21:13
From Springfield, Mo
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New Moon - 2006 A Holy Time, Isaiah 66:22-23

Let me try again, I just posted and lost everything. It took me an hour and when I hit submit, it dissapeared completely..I block that from happening again in Jesus name! I command it!

David - It tells us in 2Corinthians that people are made of different types. Some are leaders and others are followers, some speak in angelic tounges, and others are healers. No one has all the gifts, because God does not want it that way. The Godhead itself purposly divided up gifts and different personality types among humans. 2 Corinthians goes on to say that it dont matter what our talent or gift is, if we dont have LOVE, then God will banish us from heaven, and the New Earth! It dont matter if your a king, or a low life in a gutter, if ya dont have LOVE, forget eternal life. Now thats the bible speaking.

Now for a personal sidenote, I have found this to be halarious. I laughed and chuckled reading these replys. Let me help you my brother, if I can. As with gifts and talents being sprinkled amoungst humanity, are also various personality types. The zodiac/ astrology is a key! Science has found most doctors are born under one or two signs. So it goes with lawyers, healers, ect. When you are born, your given a magnectic field from the position of the stars; that is attracted to certian things. Its called being magnitized to something.

People like snow and suzyq have a lot of Gias essence within them. And also the elemetal kingdom is strong too, this does not happen to everybody, only some peoples. Now we might not understand some of their attractions, but it works in harmony with the human family. The bible does not condemn us for our gifts or talents. It does condemn us for lack of LOVE! And also condemns us if we worship Gia as Diety, instead of just a friend or spirtual force we can bond with in various ways. I have met Gia about 5 years ago, I know her. I was led to meet her by Shekina or the Holy Ghost, which is Jesus twin sister. I also met the Elf kingdom one night and am aware of them too. I cant go into details, but it was all for a reason this happened. Some of us are in a war David, thats all I can say about it. I went into details in my last post about it, and that whole post disappeared, when I hit submit; and I think it went into the etheric realm, (someone snatched it) so I will keep this part of it shortened, this time. This was back when heaven ufos were parked over me, beaming with vibrations so I could meet Gia and th elemental kingdom. It was for a reason concerning war, not because of curiosity or entertainment. At my age of 49, I had to have help to break thru to the other side. Jesus and Shekinah authorized it, and it happened. My vibration then, was one that could not see anything like that. But thats changed now, thanks to Jesus and Shekinah! And heavens ufos parked over me that night! All secret squirrel stuff! There are many wars, at many levels, is all I can say!

Anywho, people like Snow and SuzyQ have a natural attraction in these areas, they are magnitized to it. Now it says in the bible that "God" put herbs on earth for the healing of mankind. In other words David "sheep" have to use herbs to heal with, because they cant visualize or pull in healing light, to heal with like others can. They just dont "get it". But if we dont love them because they seem inferior, God will toss us out! It dont matter how enlightened or aware one is, if they dont have LOVE! That person is no good at all.

The bible is full of good advice, it tells us that spirits of the sun, moon and earth are very real. And they are our friends and part of our creation, after all our bodys are made from earth, wind, water and fire (etheric energy). But we are counciled not to worship them, because they are not Diety. We are to worship the Godhead which created this planet and all that is part of it. That Godhead is Father Justice, Mother mercy (holy spirit), Jesus and Shekinah (holy ghost)! Now we can co-create and bond with Gia, but thats nothing like co-creating and bonding with the Godhead. Its an awarness that is called "born again". And when anyone of these four, or all of them fill your body and spirit, with their essence; you know beyond a shadow of any doubt--they are real! And its about LOVE!

Now I pray the Father and Mother; will send a serious beam of light, to you David, so that your third eye will open, so you can understand and see the differences in humanity, are God ordained, and we will never be able to understand it all, but we must always reside in LOVE, or we are nothing! In Jesus name I pray, amen...

ps ---heres some pixie dust at!

Ezekial 28: 18-20 And God shall cause a fire to spring up in satan, and he shall burn up in front of the saints, and never shall he be anymore.
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Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion Posted on: 2006/2/28 2:24
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