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LOVE...why do we need it so? Posted on: 2006/5/17 8:22
Just can't stay away
2005/12/31 8:22
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I can not has been weeks. I have entrained my heart and soul to UK time and why? My heart belongs to the one I know I love. I can not eat, I desire nothing really, but to be in his sweet embrace...

Oh God I fall upon your feet, what am I to do, my heart aches so, I am certain I will die of this pain.

The tension between us builds like water trapped behind a dam we both know it is true, yet our mission with you forces us to look away...yet in my heart I know I have to go back and love this man, I must do both. I can not choose one over the other, not yet, not at this time.

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Re: LOVE...why do we need it so? Posted on: 2006/5/17 9:51
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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We don't it is a trick

Me personally I have been so hurt by people down here I resent almost, people trying to push this thing they call love over me.

You see down here I wouldn't really call it love, yet a reflection of what love is.

If we take a look at the bigger picture and look at nature, yes we can see every sought of specie re-procreating and having babies; spending time in close proximity

On the other hand what else do we see squabbles and a time for separation of most species after the young have been raised?

So since this comes close to a point many might say is standing against marriage and the principles of it, in a way I suppose yes it does.

Yet in another it doesn't..

Let me explain, you see if we take lions or any other mammals, yes they stay as close knit family, yet they don't have bloody paper work binding them in some Satanistic occult bizarre control system.

They can leave and find another mate the men are free, there is no you are mine, reason.. being as what would most males do in any other species if any female tried to claim a male?

I blame Paul and John for this with that rubbish about we are not of the world, it is stupid of course we are we made of soil we reproduce, what God made a mistake and made us like this?

No, Paul and John didn't have a clue what they were talking about..

As if we take the, "we will bond like angels", that means free and when I say free, that means in telling one they above another is wrong a not the way of heaven.

All are equal all are loved and is that achieved as you are free of this (sick filled pardon the expression, yet after feeling what the real love in heaven is nothing really comes close) earthly love.

There is no question of you are mine or I want you it is accepted that way you are free, there is no asking for a contract, therefore there is no beginning there is no end.

There is no ring of ownership holding angels back from loving each other.

Yet the main part in this working is no one loves each other directly, they love God for what God has made the person to be.

In actual fact many angels would find it an insult to tell them they are special and as they didn't chose and they know this, which is the reason they are an angel in a first place.

As no one and I mean no one can enter heaven with out some of these basic understandings, they are why they are here in this world for you to understand and come to terms with.

I hear many say they can't wait to get too heaven to get back to their loved ones, this is wrong.

I don't want get back to heaven; to see my friends and close one up there I want to be back as a miss God so much.

Just to sit near God is my love and my wife for ever more, amen

I wish I could relate this to you in what it all means with references, I can try yet there I many intrinsic parts to heaven that take a while of understanding some of the 'matrix' concepts here.

Its isn't half tricky...

So when I say I love someone just to get this straight it isn't so much for who you are or what you think you are or have achieved as many times I will see that as Ego.
It is for who God has allowed and risen you up to be, then the final part is options or cause and effect as in every option is an effect and you can be stronger then the cause to make a different effect.

Stand strong to your roots and away from the wrong options is what this is all about.

You se I started with love yet really, it is again back to the root question of the meaning of life.

With half of us not seeing further then the procreation it is a bit hard to relate that really. That is just a cause of the effect, you have been put here to learn, life isn't about the flesh yet the soul, with every out come your soul can develop if you allow it.

Part of this is the circle that is explained very well in Celestine prophecy in that when people meet they have feminine and masculine side in them to begin... As they slowly become a couple they allow the partners side to fill the space of their own opposite energies.

Now when you Finnish a relationship the way it stand now of this marriage and try and last it out is bizarre to me, the hurt ache the suffering the pain I see people go through.

How to solve this do what was said "if two lay down together the two become one flesh".

Scary if that is reality well guess what if you couldn't feel it and are not that sensitive to your emotions.

I can remember every person I have slept with spirit and soul who they are to the intrinsic soul.

It hurt when you also see the future when this happens at least I have learned now I do see it and can avoid the heart ache many suffer.

You see to many of us are guide by our flesh and they look nice..

This whole process is wrong why look, why even try, if you life is destined no matter what you try you will inevitably come back to the same obstacle in your life regardless which way you try.

Then are you not best just to sit back as such and when the time is right then you meet...

You see another part to this is something that bonds quickly normal separates as quick.

Oh yeh the circle after you split in a relationship it take along time to repair the circle do not fool your self and think it can be done like that, as I can't and getting together with another partner to replace the lost one is bad for you.

As what you do is take your previous characteristics into the next and spoil it with out realizing..

It take time to be you, know you understand you in every situation being masculine and feminine in your self to be solid and then ready to move on.

N B with U
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Re: LOVE...why do we need it so? Posted on: 2006/5/19 1:49
Just can't stay away
2005/12/31 8:22
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A trick! A treat!

The wiles of a women I suppose...Oh brother.
You just love to push my buttons...

I have some quotes: everyone has a hero...mine is Mother Teresa.

She said:
Love each other as God loves each of you, with such an intense and particular love.

Be kind to each other. It is better to committ faults with gentleness than to work miracles with unkindness.

HMMMMM? Pondering, R U?

From the autobiography of Mother Teresa, No Greater Love, a newly revised edition copiled by: LaVonne Neff.

Are we not reflecting each other whenever our eyes meet the eyes of another?

Do we not see reflection in the waters as we stroll along the lake?

When we look up into the glass of a window pane in a shopkeepers window do we not see reflection?

Obviously their is much to ponder about reflection all by itself for God has given us so many opportunities to see our own and others, as well.

I see love in everything...different kinds you all Gods creations, all Gods love...the same love.

I see it in your eyes, in the trees, in the lake and in the animals too. I see it in the thunderstorm of potential destruction and in the rainbow that follows. I see it in the newborn infant and in the dying soul. I see love in the blossoming flower as its petals open and all abloom with just the right amount of attention and care, the soil tended just so, the seeds planted for life to take hold and love to grow wherever the winds may blow or the waters may rain down to nourish this rich seed we call love.

Love is not only about loving those we procreate. Procreation stops long before we reach even the middle of our lifetimes now. With birth control so readily available and family sizes regulated it may be a child or two that is offered to this world of ours. The love of these beings continues on yes, but the love changes over the passing of days and nights. As a mother of many the greatest love of procreation comes in the letting go of God's creation once more to allow that being to become who God intended for them to be, independent loving beings manifesting their own light into this life. There is a time to hold them and suckle them close and a time to set them down to walk alone. A time to let them fly off on their own and to grow knowing your love has given them a beginning.

more to follow...

Love and Light,
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Re: LOVE...why do we need it so? Posted on: 2006/5/19 7:56
Not too shy to talk
2006/4/23 10:58
From Heaven
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Thank you for the post and where you have led them as you start on reflections and this is a big part, as I have realized....

You see do you find love or is love accepted?

When you first meet someone, what is it that draws them to you, what do you fancy about them..have you found out yet?

Like you say reflections, you have some one that fits yours...

So what is love in this case..?

As everyone is seeking this perfect partner....

Yet what is that?

A reflection of who they are is what they are looking for..

So I have been thinking along these lines as (don't take this bit as being ego of mine) that it isn't really, a women or partner, yet to understand this reflection that my heart seeks for is its self or inner beauty...

Hope that make sense as yes the looks are different, yet inner core of a soul which is the light that attracts you and not the flesh..

Unless of course you still below 6th dimensional and think a body is real and the reality of whom someone is with out seeing this as Maya..

And merely a reflection of soul and the intrinsic details of who they are..

It all shows on the face and characteristics, depends on whom you are in assessing this, as handy if you have the book of life, and sort of know these things maybe, tricky I am not sure..

As can everyone do this, you see a walk you count the beat, and the cycle between steps added with the bounce the form the person holds, and you have a good idea of the matrix level of their soul and where they are heading and how they are likely to be if you approached them.
(all of that taken when I use to do surveys in the street and stop people, to many time knew the answers of charcter from just the walk.

Helps with the sound, smile, lines of stress show evil and strains of this earth...

Anyway off track.. the idea I am trying to get at really is this..Namaste in you to begin. Weird way to use the word...let me explain...namaste is to recognize the God within everything and to say to the person you meet I bow to God that also is within you as God is all. continue...Brahma is God, the inner core, many discuss Shiva, Vishnu and the rest as being God's they are not they are mere reflections of the whole....
Now we are made in God's image does it not say, this is not physical and I am extremely hurt, by rude Christians who insist on idolatry and worshiping them self's as flesh and not spirit...

Ok anyways sorry I am terrible for going off track, yet you are use to me....

So what I am getting at is if we all are reflections of the one true core and each can achieve, what the centre can, and become its own reflector for others, where does love stop...

You will have to ask where me, where I need to go over this?...if you can see it...

So you to begin with you see someone you fancy, why they have qualities you see in your self....

You then accept them for the things they do, by what you know from your self...

Then you allow them in to your space, as you know they are on these same levels or reflections of who you are...

God is all the reflections and you are mere part of this...

So who do you love?

Why is there song "where is the love?

Want help and why doesn't the father send someone to help us"


Why the points, well I hate doing this, yet Paul put it right when he says when you have a partner you don't have so much time to dedicate for God..

We live in this sick society of lust and this thing we call love as we desire another sinners!!!

Desire is sin, 10th commandment, lust is 7th ....We feel consciousness in our spirits and they have been trying to make us forget.

So in heaven why does it work, as we don't have these they are dimensions that are past; to enter heaven, as to keep it perfect...

What are we doing down here..
We are selling looks to each other all the time, how can we realize that our inner beauty is God and understanding where we are in these reflections of God is whom partner is...
As seed would, each has a dynamic dna or gene so it is different, each plant breads with a plant which is its reflection...

Peace B with U
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