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Re: themissinglink has joined the forum Posted on: 2006/11/14 0:11
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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Welcome !!
Finally sorted getting here!
nice to see you  ....
Just working on a brand new improved painting system for us all... should be ready some time tomorrow...

Have good look around lot here...

Especially like the Zine front page --->
Christianity as in, where, why it's false; linking across this site in full in depth articles.....

Alot to read, yet after less repeating making us a cooperation, as to know where we are....find out where we have been, this will take your articles and many others....also....

The point of articles should be our own knowledge...not someone elses, as this is as bad, as the fake to take anothers works and claim them.... is said point of where many go wrong...

One love...

N B with U
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Re: themissinglink has joined the forum Posted on: 2006/11/14 0:40
Just can't stay away
2006/11/9 0:28
From MD. (U.S.)
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Someone Had To Figure It Out Sooner Or Later

No one knows where life started and no one ever will
But something beautiful has happened and you are part of it.
What do you think is wrong with the world today?

I was given wisdom, compassion, sympathy, empathy
I was given strength, a love of nature, and a keen understanding of the forces that act on it.
I was given the ability to grasp and understand concepts seldom understood.
I was given creativity and the ability to express my true feelings through words.
I was given a firm bearing on reality as we know it, a strong sense of right and wrong, a sense of responsibility, kindness, curiosity, sensitivity, understanding, common sense, and a sense of humor.
I was given self-control, patience, worry, anger, hatred, fear, and pain.
I was given a chance for life in one of the greatest free nations in history.
I was given food, shelter, comfort. friendship, everything a human being could ever need, and more.

The keyword here is "given"-what's given can be taken away.

I understand why there are waves in the ocean.
I know how the tilt and rotation of Earth on it's axis influences climatology, air and ocean currents.
I know how the four seasons affect the positions of high and low pressure areas.
I know why there is a hole in Earth's ozone layer for several weeks during the Antarctic Spring.
I understand that billions of creatures will never have a chance for life because one man made the wrong decision-Alaskan oil spill of 1989.
I understand math, genetics, history, art, music, philosophy and human nature.
But there was one thing I never understood, it's somethinig that can't be given at birth, it's something not taught in our schools.


People who grow up all alone are never taught to share.
Some never learn regardless of upbriniging.
when technology exceeds wisdom, the people who take for themselves have the advantage.
I couldn't understand love, because without sharing there is no love.
For everything I've ever learned, all the God-given gifts I was born with, without sharing, all the knowledge and money in the world can not bring happiness.
What is wrong with you people?
It shouldn't be one nation under God, it should be one world under God.
People go through life and everything they learn, everything they do, the profession they choose, it's all for number one.
No one wants to share anymore.


There were animals, plants, life forms that were present long before man set foot on Earth.
Life is a puzzle.
I put it together because I thought I hurt someone I loved.
The elder race found a way, through the use of superscience and technology, to transplant human life into this planets ecosystem.
Religion was created to keep man in check, give him something to live for, something to fear. It was a way for men to share their time and ideas with one another.
Each time an empire, or great nation fell, the creators somehow gave us a new religion, new culture, a new way of life, But the experiment isn't working.
with all the freedom man has given himself lately, there are more people in the world who take for themselves than there are people who are willing to share with others.
Greed, selfishness, ignorance, and stupidity.
Those are the reasons empires have fallen.
I've seen it in the history books and I'm seeinig it now.

Millions of men and women have lost their lives in wars because they didn't understand.
Children are killing and hurting each other and their families because they don't understand.
I cried myself to sleep for years of my life because I didn't understand.
Now I think I understand.
When the sharing is gone, the love is gone.
Thats when you get your thieves, reapists, murderers and drug addicts.
These people have no values, they were never given a decent feeling in their lives.

And what of the 10 comandments?

The only way gifted people get famous is by sharing their time and ideas with other people.
The greatest scientific discoveries in history would mean nothing to anyone if these ideas weren't shared with the world.
Everyone has a gift, talent, or ability that can be developed through hard work, practice, and dedication.
Some people have many gifts they aren't even aware of.
People need to leaern to share their gifts with others.
Children need to be taught to share things with other people, respect other lifeforms.
"A planet of playthings, we dance on the strings of powers we can not perceive"
Understand that our God is the biosphere.
The medium between air, land and water.
Not just life, but a conciousness.
God is the sum total of all matter and energy in the universe-waves and cycles, solar energy, biochemnical energy.
There are energy cycles and forces at play man does not yet understand.
And if things don't change mighty quick we never will.

There is a part of every person that needs love to grow.
It's just not tangible and we won't understand it for decades.
It's a way to keep hatred at bay.

Life is beautiful
Maybe we can't change it, but we can live it without hurting anyone.
Can't we?
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Re: themissinglink has joined the forum Posted on: 2006/11/14 8:45
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
Posts: 2744
Why do people hurt each other?
(I am)?
As in if we all are, then it hurts us to hurt another...
Yet if when; many make a point of being (I am) as socity says be this...
This is where the lack comes...
As one things many did make clear, is don't say (I am) this is easilly visable in many of the forged texts in done in many of the additions in the books....

So when half of socity is trying to claim they are this or that, maybe if we all tried to be one for once...then things might change again....

N B with U
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Re: themissinglink has joined the forum Posted on: 2006/11/14 15:04
Just can't stay away
2006/11/9 0:28
From MD. (U.S.)
Posts: 82

God is the footprint, God is the sand, God is your leg and your arm and your hand.
God is a playground, God is a tree, God is the door and the lock and the key.
Every promise you make, every fence that you mend, every breath that you take, every dime that you spend.
Every word that you say, every thing that you know, every game that you play, everywhere that you go.
The cat in your lap, the dish in the sink, God is the paper, the pen and the ink.
The dog that you feed, the car that you start, the hair on your head, the love in your heart.
God is a rail with cold iron bars.
God is the moon and the sun and the stars.
God is the thing that goes bump in the night.
God is the bird we admire in flight.
The song that you sing, the words on the wall, the bell that you ring, whoever you call.
The children who suffer, the wife that you beat, the tracks that you cover, the people you cheat.......

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