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Dance-Chi Posted on: 2011/5/23 22:07
2004/3/26 7:04
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The other day was contemplating starting Dance-Chi...

This is based on a few ideas:

Its possible to check Chi level, by placing hands together and feeling the energy between the fingers. Then by moving the hands apart and feeling the energy, it brings the Chi into a way to observe it externally. This is used in energy healing and by training this, it focuses the Chi within a person.

Tai Chi is the art of moving in a way that can use the Chi, as a force and by circulating it around the body, we readjust our alignment. Many people do the motions, yet not the energy, which is capable of striking objects without touching them.

My mum mentioned dance therapy; where its like people readjusting there chakras when dancing, by moving the spine in a way that promotes alignment.

There are certain dance moves that seem like Shiva's dance, where some wield energy on the dance floor. This energy can be manifested within parties; where some people are aware and can even manipulate others, by adjusting the energy field of the party.

So what if dance moves were taught in the correct fashion, where energy is passed around the body, like Tai Chi; yet in dance form, thus encouraging people to do so in any environment.

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