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Frustrating Situation Before Judgement Day Posted on: 2023/9/27 10:36
2004/3/26 7:04
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What is happening in our life is a really stupid situation: where I can prove I'm an Avatar sent from Heaven, prophesied in many of the world's religions, where our name is the Lord of Creation's in many of them.

Since I've got no one to help, for years I've tried talking to religious people; where they've gone out of their way to debunk me, and ridicule the concepts.

What is prophesied next is everyone will be destroyed as Armageddon kicks off, and then Betelgeuse goes supernova; where all of your efforts to get famous, rich, etc, mean nothing in the long run, as soon it will all be gone, and only our friends will exist in a new reality after.

Now I've tried explaining advanced concepts of theology over the internet; yet hardly anyone is noticing, and I feel completely censored for years.

Having had a Near Death Experience, I can quantify how the 10 Commandments are Jacob's Ladder, as dimensional quantum physics.

I recently wrote to the Chief Rabbi in London, who wasn't bothered in even properly discussing their own religious prophecies before Judgement Day.

Since a child before being able to read, I've remembered things from two thousand years ago, that prove I was Yeshua back then, and yet I get no response from people, to the point I feel totally isolated, in a reality I helped create.

This leaves me in a situation, which I knew would happen at 5-6 years old, that people wouldn't properly listen to how they'd already been deceived; where the world is already anti-Christ's teachings, and then this whole reality will be cleansed with fire.

So the whole situation is really stupid, as you're all wasting time working, trying to make money, etc, when it isn't going to change what soon happens; the only thing that can, is spiritual knowledge, and yet if I share the wisdom I've been given, people in authority decide to censor it, and I'm left feeling what is the point even trying to share info to save everyone's existences.

Does anyone care about the return of the Messiah, the coming of the final Avatar, their existence, etc?

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