Oneness - True Faith
Four seconds of existence explained in many words Posted on: 2006/2/24 15:27
I just opened the door, looked outside and saw two birds frolucking in mid flight, such a nice thing, then they flew off so gracefully, piercing the blue morning sky with a shimmer and a flap reflecting in it magnificent splendor and awe inspiring thoughts of their evolution glaring from within their furry brown elegance.

The sky is wonderful right now, beautiful shades of baby blue fade into a light blue then into a lavender and a very light pinkesh orange, with a palm tree interrupting at center allignment to intersect my view with another glance of brilliance and a sublte gesture of a silent "hello". The clouds hover weightless with an elaborate pink/white glow. Their fluffy white marhmellowy volumes embody the mind with a taste of sweetness surrounded on each side with a wafer of graham and intertwined with the melted leftover of what was once a hershey's bar. MMM, vision can be tasty. :) Just let your imaginations flow... it's the only way to be... you.
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