Oneness - True Faith
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Often Oneness is misunderstood by many, as they perceive it as personal and not universal.

When heaven/nirvana is Oneness, really it could be called Øneness; as it doesn't make a point of needing to be seen and yet manifest all reality.

Many with the term Oneness, believe it to mean that they are One, thus this is the same within all.

Yet what if Øneness is the energy that sustains this reality, as explained in the 13 dimensions.

One could be seen as the basement of reality and often consists of EGO, where as the highest dimension has no need to exists. Where it is pure consciousness; where wisdom and unconditional love are the manifest form.

God is all things, yet also is a circle in the middle of the spiders web, holding everything together and feeling all ripples within the quantum strands of reality.

If any stepped into the center circle of heaven, this would be a form of EGO, thus they would then descend down here or even lower.

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