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Mother of all Harlots

This is going to be hard for many people to accept, since it's coming from the same book; yet is easily shown as true. Christianity thinks they follow Christ; yet don't and is easily proven.

They follow a made up gospel of what looks an X-Pharisee being The Gospel of John.

A fake apostle, Jew, murderer of the faithful, Paul the Anti-Christ and last, yet not least Simon the stone (peter); who made all of Israel teach something that is so blatantly wrong to begin with...

Being the murder and sacrifice of any prophets.

All of this was prophesied to happen in Habakkuk 2, Zechariah 11 and many other references, yet these are clear.

The City built on blood shed must fall, being the Vatican, the children of this mother is Christianity and the proof is they drink the blood of the dead prophets figuratively and so are held accountable of the sacrifice, for swearing to it (according to Christ and the Bible).
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