Oneness - True Faith
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By placing a Label on something that can not be named, we lower it to our own level of understanding; with each new religion, it distracts more from the Oneness we all felt as a child.
Too get from being a child, to reading a book; where did the light of spiritual growth come from?
This is what is meant in the Mustard Seed within the Books; so as a test for all the nations and not just some, as it's within the Quran, Upanishads, Dhamapada and the Bible. It's meaning is more or less the same thing in all, of faith with out the need of boxes.
The mustard seed will grow out from the box, as we should with religion; yet quite a few choose to hold others back, by saying they have it right, when you never know it could be all left??
Really it is to be both to be truly Oneness and return us into the circle of life, that taught us all to begin with!

Boxes and Squares trying to quantify everything that they can; yet getting further away from the truth the more they look and why the bookworm eats upon its self.

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