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Theological Adultery

When we recognize God is the Source of reality, and to have any image that means more to us, then the ultimate Source of it all, causes some form of idolizations.

Many of us are in this world, as we idolize some form of desire so much we went away from Source to seek pleasures; yet really everything is Source.

Thus there are many forms of theological adultery, as it is easy to have partners with God, by the simple nature of us having things.

This is where some have taught none attachment to things, to abstain from all materialistic adultery; yet it doesn't remove the self, and many then transfix on this.

Christ taught to remove self, that we only have one master, as in complete letting go to our reality is governed by something greater than us, there is none attachment to self.

The Dharma is that all is Brahman, people assume Brahman has self, and then idolize that within themselves; Buddha taught none self is the opposite of self (Nirvana), that there is for every action, an equal and an opposite one.
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