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Re: For all muslims Posted on: 2005/4/28 2:28
As stated above, God is one and he does wants his people to be as one. The main ingredient to doing this is LOVE. Jesus came to save man and to teach him LOVE. It's not important who reads what and studies what as long as they get the true message and that is we are to LOVE one another as God has and continues to LOVE US.
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Re: For all muslims Posted on: 2005/5/31 4:42
Not too shy to talk
2005/5/31 2:19
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I hope you all don't mind a christain responding to this. I don't know very much about your faith but what i do know I would like to comment on. I also do not understand what it means to have a locked forum.

People fight using the name of God and sometimes it is just. But many times it is not. I don't personally understand why the big deal about Isreal but I do know wht God says. He really doesn't mind who lives there but it was promised to Abrahams son, Issac. I have a muslim friend who says Ishmael is the proper son.
Either way, Ishmael got Persia, right? So, what is the problem? God gave him the land, the many princes that would be his decendants, the prophecies of Daniel in his house and all that freaking oil! Whatever.
I think we all have something nutty to fight about.
As for Paul and Babylon. Hold up. Persia is the cradle of babylon. It is very historical. The 3 wise men came from there, they knew about Jesus and brought him gifts and called him king. It is going to be a great and interesting part of our future. Any place Gods presence resides is a holy place.
Another thing. I hate that we had to go over there, but we had to. How could we stand by and let that idiot kill his own innocent people?The Butcher of Bagdad, duh! He should have been shot on site. Strange thing is he will get a fast and fair trial unlike those he shot, threw in a hamburger grinder hung, ect... not trying to be rude but the people of iraq deserve everthing that is good. They have been tortured long enough.

Most muslims are cool. But I must say this. If the quran says that Jesus is a prophet then everthing he says must be true.
Well, didn't he say to believe in Him and you would be saved?
I will never be a muslim basher so don't think I am being one now. But...I beleive in dying for what you beleive in but I don't understand the concept of killing others to score yourself into heaven. Do you know your quran because it is very violent one moment and very love your neighbor the next. Please respond as I would like to know.
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