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Last Appeal To Humanity Before Its End Posted on: 2019/8/28 11:11
2004/3/26 7:04
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Since prophecy is already sealed, and as the person sent with the new name of Christ before Armageddon, having now spent 15 years on Religious Forums & Paltalk explaining it to humanity, soon the final parts of prophecy will happen...

Starting at the oldest, this is to explain what is prophesied globally before the end:

Skanda wants to remove the demons who seek salvation (Takasura), and thus manifests from his third eye a projection of the Star of David; where for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction coded into the atomic quantum structure of our reality, so demons go further backwards from truth, due to their accusative natures.

Moses was taught by 'Lord Brahma', which in Hebrew is Yahavah; where the Source systematically explained complex ideas, and then layered them in riddles to see who pays attention...

Basically showing that those who seek enlightenment, follow a righteous path, and thus follow the Dharma will be saved; yet those who seek a nation, a people, a king, a temple, over zealous laws, are missing the Dharma, and therefore not worthy.

Moses explained if we follow God's ways we will be blessed, and if we go against, the Curse (Deuteronomy 28) will be placed on mankind. As the prophets unfolded their message, they explain that mankind is full of Ravenous Beings, who steal what isn't theirs, and swear oaths they're religious, when they have no sense of morality.

That same narrative is also explained in Zoroastrian texts, that originally we all followed the Dharma, and slowly due to demonic forces, the reality has been taken over.

Moses's Curse continues that because some say they have peace in a realm to catch out demons (Deuteronomy 29:19-27), they will all soon be removed from our reality by Holy Fire.

Yeshua came to point back the 'Fake Jews' who believed Lord Brahma (Yahavah) is God, back to Brahman being the Source; as they know longer understood the difference, where they had forgotten the God Most High (El Elyon) since the Babylonian Exile.

They didn't listen to the Messiah, so Muhammad was also correcting that they'd rejected the Curse of Moses, and not understood that the God Most High (Ala ilah) is all that should be worshipped, as it is the ultimate Source of reality.

Plus that they'd misunderstood that Yeshua's Gospel was true, and to be honoured as the Messiah, who is God's word made manifest; yet not that he is God, just an archangel sent as a man, for God to communicate with mankind.

Armageddon is soon, Betelgeuse is about to blow up, and thus our whole planet will soon be destroyed in the Sāṁvartaka Fire, Frashokereti, Judgement Day...

Somewhere I still wish it was optional; yet now after years discussing, know people will argue over silly points in the thread, and instead of actually realize this is mankind's last hope...

Most will turn it into some form of joke, as mostly what is left in this realm down near Hell are the mockers, and all the saints have already been taken (which is why the good die early).

I'd like to thank you all tho, as we learn the most from the contrasts, and the levels of computation explaining some of these things has been enlightening.

Debunking some of the false expected prophetic narratives:

Rabbinic Jews think the Messiah comes and gives them peace in their current state; this is already pre-empted in the end part of Moses's Curse: the Lake of Fire cleanses them before the Messianic age.

Muslims think the Imam Mahdi comes first: this was Muhammad who corrected the message of Christ.

The Hadiths made up Christ comes to fix the religions before Judgement Day: it is not possible, many demonic people don't listen in the first place.

The Quran correctly states Christ comes to exegete the religious texts, and shows this isn't what he stated (John, Paul, and Simon the stone (petros)).

Hindus all think they're God made manifest, and we're all going to evolve one day: according to the text we're down near Hell (Naraka ), with Mahaparalaya destined to destroy us before returning to an Age of Enlightenment (Satya Yuga), where then only the enlightened saints are worthy.

Kalki comes to lead the people in a battle against the demons: Kali means time, and thus the battle has happened over the duration of Kali Yuga, where because they drink the blood of a Brahmin, Kali-Ma will destroy the Raktabīja in a day by Holy Fire.

The Maitreya prophecy remains open: ultimately we don't want to destroy people, we want them to learn, and would give anything even our own life to help others see that; yet without people being 'ultimately compassionate', and taking it seriously, there isn't anything we can do to change you.

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