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Re: Do you believe in fairies? Posted on: 2005/9/24 21:58
About 3 yrs ago, I was at the end of a 4 yr vision quest. I studied magick, grids, energys, the matrix, shamanism, ect.. Anywho at the end of 4 yrs it was all coming to a hea, in my quest. I knew the solar eclipse, with the sabbath, and the grand cross of our planets combined with a new moon; was the night it would hit. Soz I got about 10,000 feet up in the mountians and got ready for the spirit to hit. You can tell and know, after being in the spirit that long. Just as the sun set bringing on all these vortexes and energys, the first thing that appeared was little elves running around my RV, just laughing and carrying on like a buch of kids, Then the fairys started showing uo, darting acrioss my living room like beams of light. But I could see the little bodys insde the light.

During all of This I was bonding and co-creating with Jesus Christ; to grant my petition to expose and destroy the anti-christ system of child abuse and satanism that has taken over america. That was a crazy night with some of heavens UFos hovering over me, along with Pixies and Faireis and Elves. What happened the next 9 hours after that I cannot talk about. But it was magic in its highest form, and it came from Jesus Christ, in answer to my prayer. Yes, I do believe in Fairies, and so much more- now. praise Jesus for lettimg me see them that night.... Dude here, wasnt that fun?
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Re: Do you believe in fairies? Posted on: 2005/9/25 0:59
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
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on the ear subject..i never think about money, only true happiness and emotions, materials cannot make you happy... so i went to check out my ear, and sure enough for the first time i realized i have just about NO earlobes, and my ears are very very pointy, i also love to play music.. sometiems for 7 hours straight... as far as fairies go... i've never seen one, so i'll stay nuetral for now... but i am always open minded. If i can talk with someone who has seen one, or been in contact with one, i'd love to talk and understand it so i may be enlightened a bit more. so you get a sideways thumb :)
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Re: Do you believe in fairies? Posted on: 2005/9/25 12:32
Just popping in
2005/9/24 20:33
From California
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Must keep in mind that in the U.S. the word Fairy is commonly associated with a weaker male, perhaps homosexual. That is perhaps why in the U.S. they refer to them as Angels.

I want to share this picture with you all just because there seems to have been some sort of energy, or light being even floating within the frame of it. Almost taking away from the base beauty of the photo to the left you will note a lighting pattern -

Not that this is Angelic, or fairy like, but perhaps so. The photo was not manipulated and when I shot it there was no sun out.

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Re: Do you believe in fairies? Posted on: 2005/9/26 0:26
Hi David, this is dude here. All I can do is share my testimony of that night. And about 400 metaphysical books in three yrs leading up to that. The bible says, by beholding we become "changed". Now this is used to get us to behold Jesus christ and his ways.. But ya can take that and start to focus intently (Beholding) on faires, or ufos, or whatever. It seems the focusing (beholding) for a time, eventually creates a magnectic field, withn your psychic, that is drawn, or in a symbiotic relationship, with wat we behold. So in the case of the metaphysical, or faireis, once the magnetic field manifests, it then draws in the other side of the relation... And they do happen and I tested all that for about 3 yrs as mentioned above. Some of this will be imagination, one can create false realitys. I fell the elemental kingdon is real, and part of Gods creation. Adam and Eve possibly saw, and interacted with it, on a casual basis. The curse of sin has changed perception and awareess in many ways..

As for the light in that picture, thats a good one, It sure seems like a bleed thru from the light body, or magnectic field of something, is bleeding thru into this dimension. Most ufos, that light we see, is just a bleed thru from the energy or powersource, of the ufo. Its actually in the next dimension out. But close enoght to the line, it bleeds thru. That your guardian angel checking in on ya..Later David, hope this helped.

by the way, its odd about homosexuals taking on the rainbow and faries as their emblems. The rainbow is around Gods throne, and the elemntal kingdom is not Gay, it straight hetero-sexual. I feel this has been done by satan to blackball these 2 things. Its my understanding the elmental kingdom has never been penetrated really well, like humanity has been, by satan. And neither has the rainbow around Gods throne, which represents the Holy Spirit. So satan is tarnishing them like this. Hes gonna pay for that; by burning up in the lake of Fire, while the saints, God and the Holy Spiri, as well as the elemental kingdom, watch him burn up for these tresspasses. I am so thankful I have been delived from my tresspasses thru Jesus, and am learning to be a "nice guy".. Catch ya later David.. peace .If ya have anymore questions or comments, just ask. I have to leave in a few days for awhile soz if I miss ya, then its later on David..peace/.
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