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2004/3/26 7:04
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The reality we exist within can be shown to be all mathematics; right down to the very smallest parts.

The snail shell, finger print, ocean wave, galaxy spiral, tree stump, etc are proof the central Source's mathematics are what sequences the reality.

In meditation we can come to levels of wisdom, where our mathematical sequencing can connect to the Source.

Thus the question is to those who ponder the wisdom's of reality in anyway, do we realize: the wiser a person on the scale of mathematical inner wisdom overall, the closer we are to being One with the Source.

Oneness is always a positive mathematical equation; which amazingly even if people do something evil together, they have a sense of Oneness as a positive equation between them.

When we become One consciously through mindfulness, to become mathematically harmonized to being One with the reality - we can then realize a Oneness with all; where the Source is beyond form, and has Zero Self attachment, thus is ultimately selflessness (ěneness).

When we strive for ěneness, rather than Oneness, we can not take the same, as it is ultimately selfless; therefore evil deeds require taking in some way, and thus do not create a positive result.

In other words when people follow "I Am" consciousness, claiming them self as One, instead of Zero, that creates attachment to things; therefore the Oneness of Materialism is shown in this world, ravaged by greed.

Yet imagine a world where people understood ěneness, a value system of ultimate selflessness as the Source of our reality is; where we learn to unconditionally love as the Source does, rather than always having to take, because there is never enough in an oppressive system.

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