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Simplest Equations of What is the Antichrist Posted on: 2020/11/15 8:49
2004/3/26 7:04
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Paul & Simon the stumbling stone (peter) created Pharisaic Christianity opposite to Christ on purpose.

Simon created idolization of the man, and not the concept (Yeshua means the Salvation of God); where Paul muddles the Tanakh references.

The Gospel of John is deliberately made up as a morality IQ test to contradict the Synoptic Gospels on purpose.

Muhammad then trying to go opposite to Christianity, and reinstate the Rabbinic ideas of the Law, have overwritten Yeshua's mission in the Tanakh, and teachings in the Synoptic Gospels.

Bahá-u-lláh has tried to match himself to a Christian & Muslim version of Christ, which contradicts the Tanakh, and real meaning by definition.

There is a standard set by Yeshua as a test in the Tanakh, and then New Testament is an exam paper.

If people globally weren't antichrist's teachings already, they could know, that Yeshua Elohim was the first coming (Isaish 52:10-53:12), and Zion/Zan Elohim (Isaish 52:7) is the next...

Yet people don't study, they follow, and have thus been set up on purpose.

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