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Spiritual Teaching Proverbs, Helping People to be Good Teachers.
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One of the hardest things I find with many teachers and even my self; is the way to teach correctly.
People take things in like a plant grows, and the way we eat, so here is a list of proverbs made on how to teach.

a) People only eat, what is easy to digest.

Don't make what you say confusing; try and keep it simple wording, so everyone can understand.

b) You can't build something, without laying the foundations first.

Before you start to explain something, make sure the person understands the whole background of what you are saying first. Else later the whole point can be missed or the building will fall down.

c) A piece of work isn't started until the plans are finished.

Don't try and explain something, without fully knowing what you are talking about first and having references; so then they can check for them selves also.

d) People eat in portions.

There is no point in a long essay, as most people will only remember key points; so try to keep what you say in simple portions.

e) Something to long is hard to hold.

When you write a letter or reply to someone, it is far easier to read in segments then in one long piece; as people get bored of listening or reading what you have to say.

f) People can only carry what they can manage; something too heavy won't be carried for long.

When you discuss deep subjects try and keep them in simple terms. Don't talk in long words as this discombobulates (confuses) people. Then they will miss what you are saying, while trying to understand the wording you used.

g) A skilled painter or composer will add in thin layers.

If you paint a picture and paint to thick to start with, later you will have trouble fixing any errors. If you compose a piece of music and have something to prominent, later it will over shadow the whole piece. So when explaining something, keep each piece like parts of a jig-saw, it's all the pieces that make the picture.

h) A word spoken in haste is often chased.

In conversation spend time to reflect on how to remove edges, which will cause the other person to instantly reply with a negative answer.

i) If you over feed a plant, the roots die.

Telling people too much of a subject in one go, can put the person off the subject completely.

j) Plants will only take what nutrition they need.

If people know that a subject can be answered by you, they will come to get information as they need. Giving the person too much information in one go, is just a waste; as they can only take in what they need at that time.

k) To much light can kill a plant.

People need to hear about good things, yet if you try and show them too much light; their branches can be burnt, and so detriment the growth.

l) A plant that is well rooted absorbs more.

Someone who is already interested in a subject will take more in; then someone who has no knowledge of a subject.

m) Too much pruning will kill a plants growth by shocking it.

Telling a person they are wrong in everything in one go, can cause a bad reaction. Better to do it in small sections, so they have time to adjust.

n) When something is undone, it can still be tied.

When someone isn't sure on a subject and is still open to suggestion, they are willing to listen to ideas.

o) When something is tied, it needs unravelling before it can be used again.

If someone has closed their mind on a subject, first you need to find the beginning of the knot to untie it.
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