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A Guide To Uniting the Religions

How to fix many of the problems in the worlds religions as to make it, that the world can have peace!
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To unite the religions many may feel is a hard task, yet there is a way and quite an easy way; while remaining in context of the religious books.
What many are trying at the moment is discussions, yet this doesn't get very far as there are certain points that will permanently contradict each other. Having read most religious books, there is odd things that will never be resolved; they can only be fixed. A lot of these stem from the same branch and have caused more wars and fighting worldwide then any other. Now any follower of each religion will tell you, their teachers are true and sent from God. Well as discussed on this site, God is one; so why is there contradiction if all religions are to serve God.
This is why much of this has also been foretold as occurring, so where to start.
The main problem and cause is the Bible; most Jews will not accept Yeshua as the Messiah; as much of what has been written by the Pharisee at the time is Anti-Jewish. This mainly stems from the book of John as the author of John was a Pharisee and has included many things that are made up and not ever said by Yeshua, as these would have surely been repeated by Matthew, Mark, and Luke, which they are not, a list of these is on the site. The main points though, for a Jew would be that Christ being a man portrayed him self as God through many of the symbolic terms used in John. These are not truth; even though they are portrayed to be so.
The reason for this, is at the time the Pharisees didn't want the Jewish people to accept Yeshua, this was cleverly done by the book of John portraying him as something he was not and didn't say. This remains till this day and still many Jews will not accept Yeshua.
The next point in this, that Paul being an X-Pharisee, contradicts Yeshua's teachings on many points. Though most Christians would argue the fact, many intelligent theologians have seen this and declared it; that Paul re-wrote Christianity.
Now this being said, it is easier said then done; as many Christians refuse to follow Christ. If they did they would give up all the Pharisees have said, as this is the main cause of the conflicts worldwide.
Muslims have been told by Mohammed, that the Bible was edited by the Jews; this is correct as Paul and John were both of the Jewish council, known at the time as Pharisees.
Now since there doctrine is Anti-Christ this is what everyone is expecting to appear, yet it is already here; as being most of the New Testament.
This may sound strange, as is not Christianity the New Testament; well the books of Matthew Mark, Luke, James and Jude do hold true to the teachings of Yeshua and the rest of the Bible. So making all of that acceptable by most Jews from what I am aware of and the Old Testament.
Now it is not just the Jews, yet also Muslims would then be able to except the Bible. Muslims could except as the errors are removed and as the Quran states there shall be no other then God that is worshiped. Jews could accept as no longer would Christ be someone, who was trying to get people to worship him as he never actually said this. It is only Paul and John that did.

Next is Rastafarians who also have problems with the Bible, as they insist that cannabis is in the Bible. Well this is true, as the anointing oil should contain cannabis; this was officially announced in 1980 by the Hebrew university. This means that most of the prophets and kings in the Bible were on cannabis. This led to them being free thinking and more open minded. This also relates to other religions, that cannabis is a teacher plant given by God. This being introduced to the church as it is supposed to be, would dramatically change the world for the good, as cannabis reduces ego. At present we have drugs wars and gangsters in charge of a plant, which should be used only for holy purposes. The disciples clearly stated that they used the anointing oil to heal the sick; much scientific research is being done into the affects of cannabis; as it does heal. It is known to help with leprosy. THC in cannabis is fat soluble so causing the rest of the ingredients to bond.
The next point in all of this is concerning the eating of meat, now Paul told everyone it is ok to eat everything. The Old Testament says it is to be a special occasion, and dedicated to God. Again by simply removing Paul would change a great deal as to many religions, it is not acceptable to eat meat, as it is something holy as God is all things. Yet if it is done as a holy ceremony as stated in the Old Testament and not as a regular thing, this is far more in keeping with the other religions.

Another problem is due to an old way of thinking, many are taught that Hinduism has more then one God; this is not so. God in Hinduism has no image, yet is all images. The different aspects of God are what many believe are different Gods i.e. Shiva, Vishnu and all the rest. Yet all of these are just reflections of the one God, Brahman who created the universe and is one. So again this is inline with many other beliefs, God is one; we also can be.

In some translations of the Bible, and in even in my dictionary; the word Pagan has been seriously misquoted. Paganism is a religion that believes God is everything, not that it is a follower of the devil or a heathen, who has no religion. This has been introduced again by the Anti-Christ Church, as a way to stop people acknowledging the truth. As God is indeed everything, it is due to John's we are not of the world that this was introduced.

All of this being said though, we can only unite the religions if it is made more public. This means everyone needs to help; Christians need to realise about Paul and John and tell everyone. Also that a Christian is an anointed one and that this means having cannabis in the anointing is given by God and stop preaching against God's wishes. Muslims as stated in the Quran need to help tell everyone as to bring down the Anti-Christ. It is no good shouting at Jews and Christians with out the knowledge to do so; this is provided on this site. Also this applies to any Jews as with a good Biblical knowledge, you can explain too many Christians, where there is controversial points stated by John. With in almost every religion there is something stated that someone will return to unite the peoples. To do this it takes people to help, as many are trying, yet with out the truth being set free, this will not succeed as the points stated here; causes conflicts. This needs to be done now or never; as we are on the verge of wiping out self's out.

I ask all who read this to ask others to see and to look through the site. There maybe some more things I need to add to this, yet for now these are some of the major points that can stop the fighting amongst the religions.
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