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The Taunting Riddle

There is a deception prophesied across the Bible, which many have overlooked; here is a quick explanation of how it fits together.
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The reason people don't see this is understandable, when you realize John's made up gospel misrepresents Yeshua, and Paul finalizes it by making people follow evil as good.

Lets start at the point of entrapment:
So the parable of the wicked husbandmen (Matthew 21:33-46, Mark 12:1-12, and Luke 20:9-19), explains Isaiah 5 in an expanded context.... That those who think they get eternal life, and inheritance from Yeshua's death, are guilty of manslaughter.

At the end of the parable, Yeshua quotes Isaiah 28 about the chief corner stone, that the builders reject.
Isaiah 28 is a bed of adultery, that goes from 28:9-19 (rumor to rumor), with the corner stone in the middle of it, and explains that the covenant with death is disannulled before it even started (by Paul and John).

The reason they confused the matter, is they've taken Isaiah 53 and ran with it; without realizing at the start it defines it as a rumor.
They've also not realized that Isaiah 8, which lays the snare and explains that it is to catch out "those quick to take the spoils"; links with Zechariah 5, explaining the city built upon blood shed (Habakkuk 2) is to catch out those that would swear falsely, and those caught red handed, literally covered in the blood of the saints.

The real outcome for Yeshua's death was to fulfill Zechariah 11; which states if 30 pieces of silver are paid for the price of his head, and put in the potters field in the house of Israel, than inheritance and grace is cut off, thus ending the Abrahamic covenant and divorcing Israel.

Now there are tons of interlinking metaphors and descriptors, there is reams of explanation possible; yet just wanted to write it out, since it so complex and see how short one could make it.
<< Perjury in the Gospel of John Matthew, Mark, Luke Vs the False Gospel of John >>
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 Re: The Taunting Riddle

Posted: 2015/7/12 12:00  Updated: 2015/7/12 12:16


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Zechariah 11 was fulfilled, where 30 pieces of silver were paid into the potters field into the house of Israel, thus ending the covenant and divorcing them.

The parable of the wicked husbandmen (Isaiah 5) was fulfilled, with what happen after (Christianity), where they created the covenant with death in Isaiah 28. Which is then the completion of Isaiah 8, of the snare set before the nations, to catch out those who are quick to the spoils.... Plus those who would swear falsely, and those who would steal what isn't theirs (Zechariah 5); this then goes to build the city built upon bloodshed (Habakkuk 2).

The death catches out the ravenous animals of Isaiah 35 with a measuring line, to catch out those that gather around a dead body like vultures, etc.

It says Yeshua Elohim in Isaiah 52:10...Isaiah 53:1 'Rumor' links with Isaiah 28 's bed of adultery, from 'rumor' (9) to 'rumor' (19), with the 'chief corner stone' in the middle of it (16)....
Ezekiel 7 confirms he understood this with the 'rumor on rumor, mischief on mischief' statement, being the cause of judgement day.

So people haven't read what the parable of the wicked husbandmen says carefully or Isaiah 53....
It was the pharisees who created the idea of him being an 'offering for sin' ...
From their stupid oral tradition, 'that from the death of the righteous, it can atone for the sins of that generation'.
Yeshua challenged them over this in Mark 7, Matthew 23, and was saying that they were the murderers of the prophets due to this....
Christianity is established on the same Pharisee principle due to John, Paul and Simon the stone (petros).

 Re: The Taunting Riddle

Posted: 2017/1/3 9:54  Updated: 2017/1/3 9:54


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All of this should be taken in contexts of the whole paragraphs, that go over multiple chapters.
Isaiah 8:15 'Snared' (yâqôsh) and be 'Taken' (lâkad), links with Isaiah 28:13.
The line (qâv), surrounds it from Isaiah 28:13-17, the same as the 'Rumor' (shemû‛âh) goes from Isaiah 28:9-19, the 'bed of adultery' finishes in Isaiah 28:20.
Those 'ravenous animals' (perı̂yts) who are 'snared' by the 'line', are contained in Isaiah 34:11-17.
Isaiah 44:13 explains how the adultery has taken place, by the line spread out by the carpenter to commit idolatry, being the same plumb line that is used to messure in Isaiah 28:17.
Isaiah 24:6 explains the Judgement of the earth (têbêl), where those who've accepted the the curse('âlâh) found in Isaiah 34:5 are thrown into Hell (Pit), as they're caught out by the snare Isaiah 24:17-18.
The earth shall be rolled up with a giant earth quake, like the harvesting of the olive tree, with some falling into the pit, and then there shall be a new earth, where only those found to be righteous will remain.
The four craftsmen listed in Isaiah 44:11-14, are continued in Zechariah 1:20, this brought down Jerusalem.
Plus stretches the measuring line across Jerusalem in Zechariah 2:1.
Zechariah 5:1-3 has the curse in the same scroll of Isaiah 8, that is to catch out those that steal, and those who swear falsely by God.
Zechariah 8:13 ends the curse (qelâlâh) for Judah and Israel in the Messianic age, when the remnant are those who've accepted the marvelous work (pâlâ').
Revelation 15:3 the people shout "marvelous are your works" like in Zechariah 8:6.
Isaiah 28-29 the marvelous work is the snare in a book that is sealed, and not understood, which has led to the lying pens of the scribes, thinking they're not accountable for their changes.
Psalm 98 interlinks seeing Yeshuat Eloheinu the right arm of God with the Marvelous Work before the Gentiles.
The chief corner stone that the builders reject of Psalm 118:22-23 is the marvelous work. The lord is my strength and song, where the right arm of the lord 'has become' Yeshua (Isaiah 12:2-3 + Exodus 15:2).
The marvelous work is a Wonder/Miracle (pele') in Isaiah 29:14, which then links Isaiah 9:6 (unto us a child is born).
Those who are captured (lâkad) by the scroll of Isaiah 8:15, which is explained in Isaiah 28:13, are then imprisoned in the Pit in Isaiah 24:18, and put there because of their blood covenant Zechariah 9:11.