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How the Abrahamic Religions Are All Anti-Christ's Teachings on Purpose

The whole world has already been deceived, where their own understandings have blinded them to seeing they've already been set up.
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The world has already been deceived by the Anti-Christ's teachings, where many haven't really assessed the situation properly.

The word J+ses is a swearword in ancient Hebrew meaning a 'beast that shall tear away or trample down'; Yeshua forewarned about this (Matthew 7:6), as it is there in prophecy (Isaiah 51:8) that the salvation (Yeshua) of God would be there contrasting the 'beast that shall tear away'.

The real reasons Yeshua came to the Jews, was as a return of King David, where it is prophesied in his Psalms that he would suffer many things at the hands of our supposed people, and this would establish who is really listening to the things of God.

Most of the world have been educated in some ways to see the Messiah as some charismatic leader, rather than an avenging force of God; establishing the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats.

Yeshua's actual purpose was to establish a plummet-line, to place a measure across the Abrahamic beliefs, and see who follows his teachings, not everyone else's that came about after (Isaiah 8:11-22).

Thus Yeshua came to nullify the Abrahamic & Sinai covenant when the Sanhedrin rejected him, and when they paid 30 pieces of silver like stated in Zechariah 11.

From the actions of the brutish leaders they divorced themselves, and for the last two thousand years the Curse of Moses (Deuteronomy 28) has been placed on the Jews for their rejection of their divine being.

Next according to the Curse is the Judgement Day Fire at Armageddon in Deuteronomy 29:19-27, and then we come to the Messianic Age in Deuteronomy 30:1-10, where there will be only those who understand the Marvellous Work of the Lord remaining.

Christianity creates the biggest problem with understanding what the Antichrist's teachings are, as the Pharisees John, Paul, and Simon the stumbling stone (peter) misrepresent the case making it about a person to come.

Petros isn't a nickname, it was used contextually that Simon would help mislead the world (Isaiah 8:11-13, Zechariah 3:9). In the Parable of the Seed Sower, the Seed that falls on Stony-ground is plural of petros (Matthew 13:4-9).

Many Muhammadans & Jews reject certain aspects about Yeshua's character by the existence of these fake Pharisaic Christian texts (John, Paul, Simon), which are Antichrist by their very nature.

Where within them they tells us the Antichrist is a persona; similar to how the Hadiths get confused, that the Dajjal is a man, and Jewish texts identify Armilus as a real being, and not a metaphoric descriptor each time.

You see the deception, within these texts identify a false messiah along side the real one, and the false one is some form of false empire.

This to make it very simple for everyone is J+sus is a swearword, and Yeshua means the salvation of God; where when we do a Bible word search on the Strongs reference number H3444 it expounds that the whole Tanakh is about it.

The separation of the Red Sea was the Salvation (Yeshua) of God, when David fought against Ammon the Lord promise he would become our Salvation, and thus when Josephat fought Ammon the Lord became our Salvation - where other nations then feared Israel.

The Song of Moses, in Exodus 15:2 says the Lord will become our Salvation; so when in Psalms 118 the Lord says he will become our Salvation, and the Chief Corner Stone that the Builders reject, it is all their in the language.

The Rabbinic Jews have been taught to ignore much of the concept in the Tanakh by their Rabbi, who have limited the understandings about Yeshua.

What is prophesied is Yeshua will be a return of King David, with the Spirit of the Lord upon him; who will suffer at the hands of his own people (Psalms 89:19-21 = Isaiah 52:10-53:12 - Marred = Anointed).

When the Leaders of the people paid 30 pieces of silver for the price of the Messiah in Zechariah 11, the Abrahamic and Sinai covenants were nullified by the Sanhedrin's choice.

Thus the 2nd temple destruction, and diaspora happened as our Leaders became brutish, and ignored God's ambassadors.

The New Testament is purposefully corrupt, and an educated Jew should know this from the Hebrew, where they should've tried to help educate Gentiles, not encourage bad behaviour down near Hell.

Muhammadans, and Christianity go opposite to many of Yeshua's teachings on purpose.

Yeshua came challenging the Sanhedrin over murdering prophets for atonement, and that they'd turn him into a human sacrifice after; the Bible prophesied this was meant to happen, not we argue if it did as Muhammadans do against Christians.

Christ taught Reincarnation - Muhammadans and Christians don't believe it, even though we have scientific evidence to show it exists.

Christ taught that John the Baptist didn't drink alcohol or eat meat, and that we should excel to do the same.

Christ taught not to make repetitive prayers, like the hypocrites on street corners.

As we go through Yeshua's teachings in the Synoptic Gospels, and compare them to the false teachings in Christianity being created in Antioch to the Pharisees Paul, and Simon the stumbling stone (peter), where James the just head of the Ebionite Church of Jerusalem stood against Paul.

The Gospel, and Letters of John were part of the Nicodemus movement, which later has become part of the Bible cannon, though it completely contradicts the Synoptic Gospels as a systematic IQ morality test. The Gospel of John fits with what the Sanhedrin believed Yeshua had stated, yet misrepresents him completely.

Muhammad in the Quran does point out that the Curse of Moses was placed, when they sold their covenant for a small price, which is in alignment with the Tanakh; yet much of the understandings about who Yeshua was are limited, when we look at the language prophesied properly.

You see much of the problem stems in the bad understandings of Hebrew, that have existed since Babylon, and are clearly prophesied before they happened by Isaiah, etc.

Isaiah forewarned that El is not like the Elohim (Isaiah 46:9), and Rabbinic Judaism doesn't know the difference, so now the whole world has a mistranslated Bible.

El means the 'Source' or has been translated as 'God' since Babylon to fit in with Babylonian ideas. Yet El can mean 'unto' or 'a strong Source' to something. Eloh is clearly a different word, with an additional H added, which symbolically in Ancient Hebrew, means the breath of God is breathed into something to make it manifest.

So Eloh is 'a divine being', and Elohim are 'divine beings' or the Divine Council or Avatars in ancient times. When Yeshua claimed to be an Elohim based on prophecy, they thought he was claiming to be God, he wasn't he was stating he is a Divine Being, and a member of the Divine Council.
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