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Why is Judgement Day Prophesied?

What are the main causes of Judgement Day, and is it rectifiable?
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Because in Deuteronomy 32:7-22 it references how the former theology that was given, was that the Source of reality (God Most High - El Elyon), separated the nations among the Divine Beings (Elohim), and gave the Children of Israel to the Creator Divine Being (YHVH Eloh).

True monotheism is recognizing that there is the Source of reality, that everything comes from, and there is only the Source (God), everything else is manifest by it.

Within Heaven there are 12 or 24 Divine Beings recorded in many religions, that surround the Source of reality. Because people have forgotten about the Divine Council, people argue about the identity of beings sent by God from Heaven. If we quantify for a being to be sent from Heaven, it had to be angelic whilst being in Heaven, and then it being placed into a physical form, means it becomes a Son of Man (Avatar).

God being the Source of everything, means it is like a parent to us all. Yet the Bible has become very confused because it is a book about the Creator's relationship with Israel. The Creators Salvation is called Yeshua in Hebrew, and that interacted to separate the Red Sea (Exodus 14:13), and the Song of Moses was that the Lord would become our Salvation (Exodus 15:2). The Children of Israel saw many things where the Salvation of God interacted with them. When the word Yeshua is changed into the concept of it only being a man, and the naming not implying its full contexts, it becomes idolatry about a person, rather than the salvation that comes from God.

It was prophesied that the Creator would become the King of Israel, where first he must be rejected, and suffer many things at the hands of his people, then he will return to bring Judgement. Because for the last two thousand years the Rabbinic Rebels instead of acknowledge that they were placed under the Curse of Moses (Deuteronomy 28), when they paid 30 pieces of silver for the price of their King & Lord (Zechariah 11), they've then been exiled among the nations, for their rejection of the Salvation of God.

The Pharisaic authors John, Paul, & Simon the stumbling stone (petros) made up Christianity to rewrite some of the prophetic ideas; yet in doing so messing up theology globally. Islam was a continuation from the Ebionites, who were the original followers of Christ, before Pauline Christianity took it over. Because this has created huge religious factions, it will soon lead to a war of Armageddon, where all nations will be gathered around Israel. It is possible for the returning Messiah to rectify the issues that will lead to Armageddon by education instead; where correcting the theology between the Abrahamic belief systems, will also unify religion globally under a new improve system.

The Divine Council are the Avatars recorded in the world's religious texts, and are not demigods as polytheists believed; yet are all aspects of the Source of reality's qualities. True Oneness is recognizing that everything only exists, as God allows it to, else it could be removed in an instant; if we don't fix the mess within the theology that mankind has made, then Source will just remove the lot in a day, restoring here to Eden, yet removing those who'd not question all of this.
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