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The 13 Dimensions & Commandments

The 13 Dimensions & Commandments
The commandments re-written as a guide to enlightenment and how to find Heaven, in this world and the next...
Love Oneness entirely with all mind, body and soul always; if not fix it and say sorry for not doing so.
Humble your self, expecting nothing that you can do, can be done with out working in Oneness for all, not self.
Have No cares for (I am=) Ego, be still and trust in God is we are, and "Yes you are!"
Live in Oneness, to live in God, live in self to live in EGO (=Viruses).

No image of Good, as Oneness (=The Rainbow Logic) created already does a better job then idolatry (=Self Replicating Bacteria), as it is all of the reality.
So nothing we can imagine is then worthy as a picture of God; never!
So this means no colours, sexes, species, creatures and fauna as being God; as this is again our own perceptions, and created to begin in this reality; we perceive as real, all those are parts of God at all times!

If God is all sounds (=quantum breath) and every frequency (=every colour), and has a different name in each country;
How can any one name suffice?
Oneness is all names and all sounds, life is poetry in motion and God's breath is our reality.
Then singing from our Soul's, opens the doors to oneness; allowing the lights within us to shine; as a child does, and we should!
Learn to hear without hearing, that all sounds are one and shouldn't be fought within you.

Be still and trust God, learn to meditate on good before you act in every action!
Life has up's and down's, spend time to reflect on what Oneness has shown you, by chance; to sail life, like the sea.
Spend at least one day of the week in reflection, so as to co-ordinate your weeks; else life will become disorganized.
Life moves faster then our souls, so be still, reflect, relate, compensate, dedicate not to circumnavigate, yet to go through the gate.
Learn to think without thinking, within contemplation is time lost, time is as perceived.

God planted the seed of your spirit, in mother earth (atom) and you grow.
Your parents raised you, so respect the branches of your parents, by not being a burden to them.
Instead help their branches to grow also, and then plant new fruits; that the harvest then may grow, as Good is life and Atoms (=Adam) need Life (=Eve).
It is life (=quantum breath) that makes this precious, and atom that gives the nourishment to life to then grow; this is oneness and as a family should be.

All is one, and all that lives is holy and precious; so all is equal and made of atoms (=Adams) and quantum's (=eves)!
Do not kill anything that feels the pain of you doing so, this means suffering in death from you doing or thinking towards it.
All you see is one reality and made of life, so understanding you are a part of this and you will be what you take in to you.

Clean thoughts as we are all consciousness and feel on a sub-conscious level; we act in atoms (=mind) and yet we think in quantum's (=soul).
What spirit has joined does not separate easily, yet that which is lightly bonded, can easily come apart.
So don't hold on to that which is easily broken (=body), or cling to something that you can not hold on to (=earthly love)!

God created Oneness and then created the universe, so creating time; therefore knows already, what will happen before it started.
So do not steal; as you get what you need, when it is called for, not when you demand!
Heaven is above this reality we see a part and to take of this, is to then fall back down again.
Now is always outside of our own infinity, and this reality we perceive as being; if we grasp this, it moves further away, accepting infinity is our own responsibility, and is the now!

Lies cause chaos, be honest with each other, and your selves, as Oneness sees all.
Help others by telling the truth, so that they may also change for the best as one big family.
Always look at the bigger picture of reality, to understand what is going on and not just our universe.
Learn to look without looking, understand the whole; then don't look to see all is one.

No desires, for it is the causes of sufferings to begin with.
Comparisons are the start of diseases.
Learning to accept and not to grasp is the key to understanding.
Unity brings peace, oneness is heaven.
To fight the EGO is a fear of self, so be free of desire and the EGO can't chase you.
All must be tempted of desires within this reality, let go of self and desires will disappear then.

Treat others as you wish to be treated always 100%!
Love Oneness with all your wealth (mammon) and spirit (life), then through this love, love others, never the other way around, else the energy will diminish.
Show all by example, that you are continuous in unconditional love with others with out counting it for your self worth; realise this was shown to you.
Learn that what you think of as genuineness can in fact be a selfish desire inherent in you for something else.
That Oneness above all, is all that is important, all you live for is to serve Good and life.
Understand that all knowledge and wisdom comes from Oneness and the core is good.
In pure love and Faith from Good be fed, and understand this can be seen from the wisdoms painted in reality.

God creates all wisdom and knowledge in the reality; only from Oneness does wisdom come.
By seeking first the kingdom of God, you will have an understanding of this reality. This wisdom is useless unless shared with others; share the light of wisdom to help people grow.
Be humble in your approach like a child in humbleness, yet like a parent in understanding.
Do not edify each other as this then produces EGO's; what is then taught can be spoiled by (=I am).
Knowledge is found at the end of your nose, wisdom is found at the bottom of your toes; too much knowledge and you can't see your toes.
All reality is perceived by the logic of God; those who walk the way of Wisdom find the root starts at one.

Good is one, do not say my good is better!
All that we see is created by God, through wisdom and observation of the simplest things; we can see the ways of Good.
This is true in Zen, as Zan poems come from nature.
Yeshua's (=Jesus) parables come from nature.
Lao Tzu's poems come from nature.
We all have one true teacher, in observing the wisdoms of Oneness; we begin to perceive Good's true nature.
13 dimensions are conceived by God, 13 colours, 13 sounds, and 13 months and designed to be simple, for a child.
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wizanda & One love; Copy, Dont Take!
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 Re: The 13 Diamond Commandments

Posted: 2007/6/22 8:27  Updated: 2019/12/4 17:33


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What do people think to this, it can tally with physics also:

1D = Length = Quantum Strand = Ego ("I Am")
2D = Depth = Images = Idolatry
3D = Width = Sound = Blaspheming
4D = Linear Time = Meditate
5D = Gravity = Honour Father Source, and Mother Earth
6D = Physical = Murdering Life
7D = None-Physical = Adultery
8D = Infinity = Stealing
9D = Chaos = Lies
10D = Matrix = Desires
11D = Unconditional love = Angels = Farmers
12D = Wisdom = Elders, Ascended Masters, Elohim = Shepherds
13D = CPU, El, God, Source
14D = Nothingness

 Re: The 13 Dimensions

Posted: 2018/11/14 12:32  Updated: 2021/6/5 14:45


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Just learned this is called Jacob's Ladder, which are steps angels use to ascend to Heaven.