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Alcohol is Making Peoples Older

A Sentence that Christ said has not been looked at or even understood by many
"No man also having drunk old wine straightway desire the new: for he says, The old is better."
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To me the point is quite clear, yet to many thinking Christ said it was OK to drink, they don't see the logic in this.
Now I could go into great depths of where the Bible says about the right hand of God, being a test for the nations and how prophets shouldn't drink, yet this we will discuss in other articles.
The main point I want to bring up is the effects of alcohol and the fall of man kind.

You see if we take Genesis quite literally, what on this planet do we know that makes us have the same effects as Adam and Eve had, well alcohol and quite clearly if looked at in this in perspective. You see a snake eats fruit and is safe to even eat rotten fruit off the floor, yet what do we know this also produces Alcohol!

So if a snake eats rotten fruit it is harmless, yet to our self's it drops our consciousnesses and lowers overall vibration of everyone around us. By disconnecting us with God; how you ask? Well it produces and ego as we fall, we get greed and all sorts of weird emotions that are our own, yet uncontrolled by our self's.

So if we are what we eat, what happen when all is life and we eat something old, we become old along with it.
For me now not drinking for years now, it is like drinking old fish tank water as that is what it contains or a pile of mouldy rotten potatoes, left sitting for 3 years then eat one.
Old stagnant water is bad for us we know this and will make you feel groggy afterwards.
So I do believe this is what Christ was referring to in this statement, there may be more spiritual contexts, yet on a whole it does make sense in this perspective.

Luk 5:39
(39) No man also having drunk old wine straightway desire the new: for he says, The old is better.

So when we see countless peoples getting drunk, having emotional problems and re-living their past moments again and again. It is something that is tearing our societies apart; as any one in public services can tell us, spending all week looking after causalities of alcohol. My mum works in a mental care home and also almost 60% of the people there are out of alcohol abuse and have lost so many brain cells they are now classed with a mental disease from drinking.

You see you are alive God is alive, fresh fruit direct off the tree is alive and OK for us, yet we can leave a pineapple for a week on the floor and get drunk on this after.
Well if only a week since dying then we re-live a week ago, yet let it progress as long as some of our stronger drinks and these are left to rot (ferment) for years, not just a short time.
So when you drink this, you become what you eat, so your consciousness is also going along with that and becoming older; as that is what your brain and body feeds off.
So this is what I feel that means, far more then a twisted impression by a church, that declares something God said is the test of Babylon, to then be acceptable.

You see they will say it means stronger alcohol is better, then the new stuff? Well that is in defiance of the Bible and God, plus Yeshua who asked people not to drink until the coming of the kingdom, though they put "I will" instead of "I ask you". there are also other quite clear references, saying not too hang around with drunkards, and just to give a disciple a cup of water.

So what it really means is the older alcohol is, that people drink, they don't sit there discussing ways to make things better and to fix their life's. They regress and start looking at their past to see if there is anything's they can fix, to make their future. Well you can't; the present is a gift and the future can be shaped, yet the past is how it is and to be learned from, you can't learn when your are drunk, as you are gaining brain cells, then alcohol destroys brain cells.
So when people don't drink in the slightest, they are lot more forward thinking, they don't live life in constant turmoil, of going up and down like a storm at sea.
The emotional roller-coaster is formed by the alcohol to begin, it isn't the alcohol that provide support, in fact the opposite.
You can't gain confidence from acting more confident when drunk, and then afterwards when not being drunk, you will find in the next morning, you are even less confident.
Confidence is an illusion and so carry a stone, call it magic and you will find if you have your magic stone with you, you will have more confidence; so really any thing can be deemed a crutch, yet it is not needed understand the illusion of confidence and it find you.

So it doesn't help us, and alcohol provides more wars and fighting then any other cause on this planet. It makes people get old as you are what you eat, maybe not outwardly so much, yet inwardly allot.
Don't you remember as child when a drunken person approached you, growling and angry sounding; can you remember how they didn't feel whole as a person, yet thought they were in their drunken state.
For me I felt how they had lost apart of their soul, not gained, and an overwhelming loss of the child within them gone.
So what do we want to get old for, talk about old things, that never change,
you can go travelling come back and still find the same people in the same pubs, talking about the same things as when you left; no matter how long you leave it, if alcohol is in concern.
You might have moved forward miles in your own psyche and then find these same people, still on the first step they were on when you left.
So though this sort of started on how we find that drinking old wine makes people talk about their past, we also find that it makes them old, grump, less intelligent and a long list of things, that are clearly wrong.
The fact alcohol destroys grey matter of the brain is probably one of worlds main epidemics. I say epidemic as unbeknown to many of us , is how much investment from powers that be, goes into encouraging alcohol, else why would it even be legal? It is one of the worst drugs on the planet and in fact more then heroine, as alcohol is accepted, when it is equal in effects.
How is the rest of the world ever going to move on, when half of the world is living in the past daily, through the consumption of alcohol.

This is what made the human consciousness fall to begin, and thought continuation of this, is providing the support for the government's to contain us.
As if people don't look forwards and to a brighter future, yet to a dull past, they accept what is happening to them without question.
When alcohol is removed more and more people, start to make plans and take the stand to make a bright future, for all our children.
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