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Fixing the Religious Divisions

A quick guide to fixing Some of the religions, for one unified global theology.
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Hinduism has got confused that we are the same as Brahman, where they perceive it has a self, and our self is actually part of that one universal self ("I Am"). The Source of reality is selfless, formless, and is where all self comes from; self is like a timeline of our experiences. Source doesn't have a history like we do, as it is everything, and everyone; where to be in that timeless perfection, it is in a state of emptiness to have everything within it.

Buddhism then tried to correct Hinduism to be selfless, and not to attach to the concepts of soul & self; yet within not pointing directly at a God, people think it is atheistic, when it actually refers to the Source of reality as the Universal Mind. Where many think in Buddhism there is no soul, it refers to the soul as Santana which is the universal music; where instead of us attaching to the idea of individuality, we are all part of one infinite piece of music, where each of us plays a part.

The Bible prophesied that the Messiah would be rejected by the Jews, as they've muddled up theology since Babylon. Where El refers to the Source of reality, and Elohim refers to the Divine Beings/Avatars - Which would define Archangels within a Heavenly realm. Thus 'YHVH Elohim' refers to the 'Lord of Creation of the Avatars'; which is the same as 'Bhagavan Brahma' in Sanskrit, where 'Havah' & 'Brahma' both come from the root breath, and mean 'to be', 'to make manifest', and thus refer to the Creator.

Christianity (John, Paul, Simon the stone {petros}) was fabricated by the Pharisees to contradict Christ. The original followers of Christ were called Ebionites, and were seen as Jews; until the Pharisees sold the idea they'd not been placed under the Curse of Moses (Deuteronomy 28), and replaced it with Christ came to die as an atoning sacrifice for the world.

Muhammad's relation was an Ebionite, and taught him much of what he knew; where the Quran is meant to be a reiteration of where prophecy became corrupted, and people are meant to read all the religious texts to understand it properly. The terminology 'Ala Ilah' means the 'God Most High', and within the Quran Allah is often referred to as that terminology; in Hebrew the 'God Most High' is 'El Elyon'. In ancient theology the Source of reality separated the nations among the Divine Beings, and gave the nation of Israel to YHVH (Deuteronomy 32:7-9). The Quran understood this theology existed (38:69, 37:8), yet modern followers don't remember that the Divine Council are not demigods; yet are the Archangels/Avatars recorded in many religions, as the Source's way of interacting with the reality.

Zoroastrian prophecy foretold a child found in a basket that would raise a great empire, and prophesied one of the Saoshyants to be born of a virgin, with a great star marking his coming. The wise men who came to Christ birth with gold, frankincense, and myrrh were fulfilling this prophecy.

Bahai tried to build on lots of faulty foundations, where it quotes from the fabricated Pharisaic texts in the Bible, and doesn't know the difference.

Taoism perceives that there isn't a God, as it is nameable, and a thing; whereas what Lao Tzu is defining by the Tao, is if we name it, people will argue over its identity, whereas in not naming it as a thing, it becomes infinite. The Tao doesn't even point at God directly, yet refers to the infinite wisdom that we see in reality, and defines it must have come from somewhere; yet lets not overly define what that is, as in doing so, we spoil the concept.

Within many religions when we reach a state of enlightenment, we can become one with the Divine Council, and through dedication to altruism & morality, we can become a being worthy of ascending.

God is like a Universal Central Processor (CPU) formulating reality, where we can show that everything is mathematically structured, such as the Periodic table being a matrices, and the Fibonacci sequence interwoven into the fabric of reality.

This is only a start to some of the contradictions, that with careful analysis can be rectified.
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