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Messianic Email to the Chief Rabbi

As requested by some, I've wrote to the Chief Rabbi in the UK, to explain what God has given me prophetically before Judgement Day.
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Dear Chief Rabbi,

I've known since 4-5 years old I'm sent from Heaven with my name in many of the world's religious texts; where I've always had advanced details about Biblical prophecy, and knew when I grew up at 25, I'd try sharing that with the world before the Great Tribulation.

For the last 17 years I've been asking a professor of Kabbalah with the username 'The Seventh Beggar' to pass this on to the rabbis, and then his friend with a masters in Talmudic studies called 'Olam Chesed Yibaneh' for the last 7 years; they've both frequently requested I write to you, explaining what I've stated to them, as without a Rabbinic authority looking into it, they will not even properly question all the details of the case.

There is a lot to what God has shown me throughout my life, and without a careful examination of all of it, many overlook it; so please be patient to investigate the whole case.

I understand from a Rabbinic perspective many automatically reject the New Testament; yet with a careful examination, much of this can be shown as an elaborate test, where Christians have been set up by it on purpose, and the true Jews were meant to know this.

It has always been my understanding since 5-6 years old that the world had already been made to follow anti-Christ's doctrine; where with study I've realized we can easily show that Yeshua didn't go around making "I Am" statements about himself, and that the Gospel of John was purposely made up by the Sanhedrin. The Synoptic Gospels with 3 partially matching patterns, and then the Gospel of John being a random pattern in the sequence, is like an advanced morality IQ test.

Saul was purposely named that, where without vowel points, 'Saul' and 'Sheol' are spelled the same; where Yeshua (God's Salvation) was teaching a living Gospel, and Saul (Hell) made a Gospel about a 'Covenant with Death', as ascribed in the Bed of Adultery in Isaiah 28:9-19+20-21.

Simon was called 'petros' by Yeshua as he was to mislead people with the Pharisaic authors (Zechariah 3:9, Isaiah 8:14-16), and we have Midrash stating that Simon left the followers of Yeshua (Ebionites), joined Paul, and they both created Christianity together.

Some of the concepts within the Sefer of Zerubbabel can easily be shown; where within Rome we have both a true understanding of the Messiah (Yehoshua/Yeshua), and the false stone statue/idol (j+sus/j+ses).

We can see how Moses changed Hosea's name to Yehoshua, adding an additional yod to the name making it mean, he 'Shall be a Saviour/Deliverer', as a prophetic utterance that he'd lead the people into the promised land; this continued with Yehoshua son of Yehozadek, as he lead the people back from the Babylonian Exile.

Then Yehoshua son of Joseph & Miriam was again prophetic naming, where he was called Yehoshua for he 'Shall Save his people'; yet his brothers then throw him into a pit, where after he is given a great inheritance to share with the strong.

The word j+sus was purposely part of a false prophetic naming in Genesis 49:17-18, and j+ses in Isaiah 51:8 is compared to the word Yeshua; where when Yehoshua points out in Matthew 7:8 not to give the Gentiles the Bible, as they will muddle it up, the terminologies 'to trample' (j+sus) down, & ' to tear' (j+ses) to pieces, have been done in the same prophetic order.

The word salvation (Yeshua) has tons of additional prophecies that are overlooked, as the Bible is too complicated in a normal reading mechanism to understand all of its cryptic utterances; the only way I've found to properly study it, is to use the free Bible software Esword - as it allows Strongs index number searches, which then helps us look at all contexts applied of specific roots across all of the texts.

For example when we look up 'Yeshua', and 'to become' this is really important wording; as in Exodus 3:14 when the Lord said, 'it will become, what it shall become' this was meant as a memorial to the people.

H3444 (Yeshua) + H1961 (To become) = Exodus 15:2, Psalms 118:14-21, Isaiah 12:2 (2 Samuel 10:11 David Vs Ammon) + Isaiah 33:2-6, Isaiah 49:6, Isaiah 51:6-8.

H3444 (Yeshua) + H7200 (To see) = Exodus 14:13, Psalms 98:3, Isaiah 52:10 (2 Chronicles 20:17 Jehoshaphat Vs Ammon).

Here we see that it was the Salvation of God that separated the Red Sea, and then within the Song of Moses, that the 'Lord will become our Salvation' is then part of an ongoing prophetic utterance. When David fought the Children of Ammon, the Lord said 'it will become our Salvation', and then we 'see' when Jehoshaphat fought Ammon the Lord's 'Salvation' defended the people.

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With a careful study of the prophetic utterances, it shows that Yeshua was prophesied to be a return of King David; where there is a typo in Isaiah 52:14 - As there is an additional yod on the word 'marred' in the Dead Sea Scrolls (1QIsaa), making it 'I Anointed'; this then makes Isaiah 52:10-14 paraphrasing Psalms 89:19-21:

Psalms 89:19-21 Then you spoke in vision to your saints, and said, “I have given strength to the warrior. I have 'exalted' a young man from the people. (20) I have found David, 'my servant'. 'I have anointed' him with my holy oil, (21) with whom my hand shall be established. 'My arm' will also strengthen him.

Isaiah 52:13-14 Behold, 'my servant' will deal wisely. He will be 'exalted' and lifted up, and will be very high. Just as many were astonished by him, for 'I anointed' him more than others appearance, and his form more than a son of man.

When many claim the 'my servant' is ambiguous in Isaiah 52:13, this missing yod would indicate it was clearly defining it to be a return of king David, by definition of the paraphrasing.

Isaiah 53 is not all it seems, as it is meant to be so contrary to the Law, 'how could anyone have believed such a report'; where in verse 1 it interlinks with Isaiah 28:9-19 'Rumour to Rumour' (Ezekiel 7:26) to create the Bed of Adultery (Isaiah 28:20-21), which Hebrew speakers are meant to have noticed.

Within this same prophetic naming of the Messiah, in Isaiah 52:10 is that the Spirit of Salvation is placed into a sanctified vessel to be the Suffering Servant (Messiah Ben Joseph), and then returning as the triumphant king Zion in Isaiah 52:7.

This is where in Zechariah 12:8-10 the people mourn for king David as the one they pierced, and the Gentiles come to the Jews, as they hear that their Divine Being is with them (Zechariah 8:23).

Having had a Near Death Experience myself, and always having remembered being part of the Divine Council, the language errors have muddled everyone up since Babylon; where El refers to the primordial God, and Elohim refers to Divine Beings/Avatars - which should've been interpreted as Archangels.

In Isaiah 46:11 I was called Adoni Melchizedek by a red robin before starting to read the Bible at 24 years old, and in Isaiah 46:9 it declares that 'El is not like the Elohim', advising to go back to the former theology in Deuteronomy 32:7-9 - where El Elyon separated the nations among the Elohim, and gave the nation of Israel to YHVH Eloh.

If we analyse the language used by Job & these Psalms, we can see they have 'and' in the middle of their sentences, declaring there to be the Source of reality, and then their Divine Being:

2 Samuel 22:14 & Psalms 18:13, Psalms 21:7, Psalms 50:14, Psalms 78:35, Psalms 92:1

Job 5:17, Job 6:4, Job 11:7, Job 22:26, Job 27:10, Job 31:2, Job 40:2

Because of the rejection of the Divine Council since Babylon, as it was thought to be polytheistic, it was then simplified into a form of henotheism; this is where Judgement Day is ascribed in Deuteronomy 32:7-22, as the former theology has been replaced with new ideas.

The original theology was similar to the Dharmic structure, where Brahman is El (the Source of reality), and Bhagavan Brahma means the 'Lord who makes manifest' or the 'Lord of Creation'; this when translated into Hebrew, became Yah-Havah, where 'Yah' means 'Lord', and 'Havah' means the same as Brahma 'to be', 'to make manifest' i.e the Creator Divine Being.

Since I've been sent before the closure of the Bed of Adultery, like a 'Parable of the Fig before Summer' (Isaiah 28:4), to see if I can fix it, I'm writing to you before Judgement day, which has been ascribed the same in religious texts globally; so though I understand much of this information might sound out there in comparison to what you might understand, if we don't get the scriptures to become a fire (Jeremiah 23:29), then Judgement will come on many unfairly, as most people are not aware that these advanced contexts exist.

In Jeremiah 23:6 when it says the 'Lord Our Righteousness', in Hebrew (צדקנו) Zdqnu is an anagram of our name Zanda; which is the same specific naming as we can show in many religious ideas around the world:

Sandalphon (Judaism). Yeshua (Sananda) (New Name of Christ). Kalki (Nandaka)/Skanda/Sanandana (Hinduism). Ahura Mazda + Saoshyant (Zand = Exegesis) (Zoroastrianism). Maitreya (Ananda/Skanda/Suchandra) (Buddhism). Odin = Wōdanaz. (Norse). Zeus = Zan (Greek). Zanahary (Madagascar). Itzamna (Mayan). Izanagi/Itzanmi (Shinto). Kuntuzangpo/Kuntuzangmo (Tibet). Shuzanghu/Zumiang-Nui (Dhammai - Northeast India). Gozanze-Myo (Japan). Manzan Gormo (Burait - Middle Eastern). Marzanna (Slavic). Sandas (Hittite). Your Divine Being Zion + Zan (Psalms 146:10, Psalms 147:12, Isaiah 52:7 + Deuteronomy 16:2). etc.

I've come to understand that the Quran was a continuation of the Ebionite's knowledge, where they were showing that Christianity was a corruption of what was prophesied; to cover up that Israel was placed under the Curse of Moses (Deuteronomy 28), when they rejected the return of king David for 30 pieces of silver (Zechariah 11).

Soon because of the divisions between the religions, people will fight each other in the great battle of Armageddon, where it will wipe out mankind; where at this same time it is prophesied that Betelgeuse will go supernova (Isaiah 13:10, Ezekiel 32:7, Zechariah 14:7), and then after in the Messianic Age, it will only be those in the Messianic Guest-List that will be resurrected.

It is possible to fix some of the divisions between Islam and Judaism, where 'El Elyon' (God Most High) translated into Arabic is 'Ala Ilah'; the Quran referenced the Divine Council (38:69, 37:8), yet it wasn't fully understood by that point in history, so wasn't repaired.

The identity of Yeshua is shown within the Tanakh, as the spirit of the Creator Divine Being (YHVH Eloh) placed into a physical being to interact with mankind; yet to fix these religious differences, it is prophesied that I'd need your help to establish that I've returned with a prophetic name, to interlink all the world's religious concepts (Isaiah 40:9).

I've had God speak to me explaining prophecy whilst growing up, which lead me at 21 to a sacred mountain called Atlantis in Ibiza; which is said to be a Doorway to Heaven by many ancient cultures (Carthaginians, Romans, Phoenicians, Hittites, etc). - Three years later at 24 when I read some of the Bible, I realized that this was recorded in Revelation 10; where the Archangel that is the Pillar coming down to mankind is Sandalphon. This reference of the Pillar correlated with Revelation 3:12, indicates that the returning Messiah is our name, and then when cross referenced with religion globally as one, it makes it clear that what I knew at 4-5 years old, that I'm an Avatar sent from Heaven can be proven:

Revelation 3:12 He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar (Sandalphon) in the temple of my God, and he will go out from there no more. I will write on him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God (Zion), the new Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from my God, and my own new name (Sananda).

This is only a start of some of the details I'd like to explain from the world's religion; yet there is so much to understand, it needs experts to go over much of it, and make it concise for everyone.

To be very clear the statement in Revelation 10 is of the Trumpet sounded before Judgement comes on mankind; also recorded in Joel 2:1, Zephaniah 1:16-18, Zechariah 9:14, etc, so if this warning is overlooked, then Judgement will soon come on mankind, and after God will only keep those who've already followed what was stated.
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 Re: Messianic Email to the Chief Rabbi

Posted: 2023/9/5 6:57  Updated: 2023/9/5 6:57


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Dear Ephraim Mirvis,

Since according to the prophetic timeline globally, and what God told me before reading religious texts as a child (Isaiah 28:9), we're coming to a destruction on the whole of mankind, thus I didn't expect no response; yet I understand that in Isaiah 28 it is prophesied that 'Ephraim' will ignore the Messianic return before Judgement Day, and even mock it, thinking it isn't to do with their version of religion (Isaiah 28:22).

This same idea of the final Avatar being ignored at the return, is recorded in quite a few prophetic texts, and I was told this by God at 5-6 years old, that I'd be ignored trying to fix the Abrahamic theological miscomprehensions, and then was also told this at 15 years old, where God showed me a vision of what will happen in global eschatology.

According to this prophecy in the Parable of the 'Fig before Summer', where Yeshua referenced Isaiah 28:4, I'm here before Betelgeuse is seen to have gone supernova (Matthew 24:29-35, Mark 13:24-31, Luke 21:25-33), and in the other religious texts globally, these record a person sent by God with reference to our name, before a complete collapse of reality, and then a new universe created after.

I can imagine you get many Messianic claimants, and it becomes quite annoying sifting through many that don't have much merit to them; where I completely understand this all being rejected, before humanity gets wiped out as prophesied (Luke 17:20-37).

There are references to our name in many of the world's religions as Head of the Divine Council, and so this is an appeal to you for all the Rabbinic Jews to question their prophecies, that they were meant to have understood.

I've not really communicated this with everyone proficiently, other than the professor of Kabbalah from New Jersey, who is nicknamed 'The Seventh Beggar'; where I appointed him 17 years ago to inform the Rabbis, and to put the case forward academically. When our conversation online began, I had no clue of Rabbi Nachman's prophetic utterances, and that Sandalphon was the Pillar in the Tree of Life - which interlinks multiple religious ideas in very advanced metaphors.

As saying 7th has outright refused to acknowledge this being a part of Biblical prophecy before Judgement Day, unless a higher Rabbinic authority states it has some merit to it. Where now on finally writing to you, as asked to by 7th & Olam, I've realized how you are named 'Ephraim', the same as the Tribe referenced in Isaiah 28.. Which means if there is no answer before Judgement happens, it will be as it states before many get wiped out.. or we fix the religious miscomprehensions between us, the scriptures become a fire (Jeremiah 23:29), and you help us fix where people got confused theologically.

Do you understand there are multiple prophecies where the Lord of Creation (YHVH) comes to plead his case with the people (Isaiah 3:13, Micah 6:2, Joel 3:2, Ezekiel 20:35, Hosea 4:1), before Judgement comes on everyone?

The more I've studied the world's religions as asked to by God at 15 years old, the more I've realized I was given a name of the 'Angel of the Lord'; where 'Zan' was the name of the Creator in many cultures.

For judgement to come in an educational way, I'll need your help establishing prophecy academically, as I'm not a proficient scholar; I'm more like king David & Sandalphon - a musician & a poet with a heart for God. - Just like Rabbi Nachman's tale of the 'Prayer Leader': Where the one who Hears God is more efficient spiritually, than a falsely appointed king, who serves their materialistic desires.

Please reply to acknowledge you are aware of the emails - Because as suggested from prophecy, billions of people's existences literally depend upon it.

 Re: Messianic Email to the Chief Rabbi

Posted: 2023/9/21 8:21  Updated: 2023/9/21 8:21


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Dear Zanda

Many thanks for your email and the follow up call.

I have now had the opportunity to share your email with the Chief Rabbi. Regrettably, this Is not something that the Chief Rabbi can assist you with. Furthermore, we do not currently have any suggestions as to who you should contact. Should we think of someone appropriate, we will certainly be in touch.

With kind regards


 Re: Messianic Email to the Chief Rabbi

Posted: 2023/9/21 8:22  Updated: 2023/9/21 8:22


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Shalom Raquel,

I thank you for looking into it, and helping make sure it was at least seen.

Though I've written it as if it is an optional prophetic warning, according to the religious texts globally, and what I was told by God prior to reading any of it, it is a prophesied final warning before the Great Tribulation, and then Judgement Day.

When I'm asking as an avatar/archangel prophesied globally, who could be legally proven as the return of the Messiah, I'm shocked that there is no one within the Rabbinic authorities who'd not want to question what God gave us for their benefits; when the alternative outcome of ignoring these warnings, is that war will soon kick off in the Middle East (Armageddon), and then Betelgeuse going supernova will cleanse earth.

I understand according to multiple religious texts, I'm meant to be ignored before Judgement Day, and then only those worthy will be resurrected into the Messianic Age; I just always thought with such huge consequences, some would at least want to study all the details.

Thank you for at least considering it, and I'm really sorry we can't find a more diplomatic way to resolve this between us.

Peace & blessings be with you.

 Re: Messianic Email to the Chief Rabbi

Posted: 2023/10/11 7:11  Updated: 2023/10/11 7:11


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After the email back from Raquel, God warns me to read Jeremiah 31, where in Jeremiah 31:15 'Rachel/Raquel shall mourn for her children', for they shall be gone in a day (Isaiah 47:8-10).

Ephraim is prophesied in Isaiah 28 to ignore the warnings of the 'Parable of the Fig before Summer' to begin with (Closure of the Bed of Adultery, as the Great Tribulation happens), and then in Jeremiah 31:6 Ephraim shall then recognize their Divine Being's return, as we bring in the Messianic Age.