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You are Judged by your Works

Christians believe by faith alone you are saved and so get into Heaven, yet the Bible and Christ, clearly said you are judged by works.
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Many people have been fooled into thinking; by simply having faith in Christ you may receive eternal life, yet this doesn't follow his teachings. This stems from Paul's writing, again making him Anti-Christ's teachings. As Christ asked that people help fetch in the harvest, give up your riches and help the poor to receive eternal life.

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.

This is quite clear to do good works and by doing so, showing you are a child of God as Yeshua did. People learn from example, so if there were more people doing this, the more the world would become a better place, as was starting to happen; until Paul/Saul ended it. Instead what has now happened; is people try to convert people to faith in Christ and not so much by living the teachings of Christ or being like Christ.

Mark 3:35 For whoever does the will of God, the same is My brother and My sister and My mother.

This is to point out, Christ said to be equal to who he was and more, not to be less as Paul would have us believe.

Luke 10:2 Then He said to them, the harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest that He may send forth labourers into His harvest.

This again is a clear reference that the world needs workers; to help people see the light and in doing so helping grow the harvest.
A saint is someone who has done such good works they inspired others to as Christ did; if all Christians did this 1st, rather then trying to convert people, the world would be a far better place.
Now why don't they if they are supposed to be followers of Christ? Well some do yet most take what Paul and John have said and say they believe in Christ, so therefore they are saved without needing works.

Galatians 2:16 knowing that a man is not justified by works of the Law, but through faith in Yeshua Christ; even we believed in Yeshua Christ, that we might be justified by the faith in Christ, and not by works of the Law. For all flesh will not be justified by works of law.

Paul talks like a winding snake, as to hypnotise you into believing it as truth. Yet within this passage it is so Anti-Christ's teachings; these are: you are justified by the words you speak, you may enter heaven by keeping the law and you must have faith in God.

Roman 11:6 But if by grace, then it is no more of works; otherwise grace is no more grace. But if it is of works, then it is no more of grace; otherwise work is no more work.

Again with everything written by Paul, it can be taken to pieces and shown that every bit is so wrong. Grace comes from God, your works show your faith and by doing good works, you store up treasure in heaven.

Matthew 23:3-5 Therefore whatever they tell you to observe, observe and do. But do not do according to their works; for they say, and do not do. (4) For they bind heavy and hard-to-carry burdens and lay them on men's shoulders. But they will not move them with one of their fingers. (5) But they do all their works in order to be seen of men. They make their phylacteries broad and enlarge the borders of their garments.

Though this passage is only slightly on the subject of works, I have added it just to allow people to see how much a Pharisee, Paul still was, by laying extra laws on people and adding burdens to the teachings of Christ, by his heavy wording and principles. This was unlike Christ, whose message is so easy to understand and doesn't need re-explaining and adding extra terms and conditions, as almost all of what Paul has written does.
Also within what Christ was saying, this is very similar to current Christian beliefs that you don't have to lift a finger, yet can receive eternal life from the teachings of the Pharisees.
Now with this passage before you read it, you have to remember, that Christ said "he did not come to end the law, yet to fulfil it", so the law of the Tanach stands, Paul believed it had ended, so wrong on both senses.

Roman 3:27-31 Then where is the boasting? It is excluded. Through what law? Of works? No, but through the law of faith. (28) Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the works of the Law. (29) Or is He the God of the Jews only, and not also of the nations? Yes, of the nations also, (30) since it is one God who will justify circumcision by faith, and uncircumcision through faith. (31) Do we then make the Law void through faith? Let it not be! But we establish the Law. Rom 4:1-6 what then shall we say that our father Abraham has found, according to flesh? (2) For if Abraham was justified by works, he has a boast; but not before God. (3) For what does the Scripture say? "Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him for righteousness." (4) But to him working, the reward is not reckoned according to grace, but according to debt. (5) But to him not working, but believing on Him justifying the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. (6) Even as David also says of the blessedness of the man to whom God imputes righteousness without works,

Although Paul is trying to end the law and saying that by faith alone you are saved. Paul had private motives to serve, as Paul had broken much of the law of the commandments previously, by murdering the faithful martyr Stephen, lying to accomplish this; the fact he believe Christ was the image of God and that he desired to be like Christ. So you can understand his logic of believing the law had ended, as he had convinced himself that this was the case, as he had broken half of it.
Now back on to the subject of works, I thank my brother James for pointing out that the exact same scriptures used by Paul, in fact show a different story to what Paul would have had you believe.

James 2:14-26 My brothers, what profit is it if a man says he has faith and does not have works? Can faith save him? (15) If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, (16) and if one of you says to them, Go in peace, be warmed and filled, but you do not give them those things which are needful to the body, what good is it? (17) Even so, if it does not have works, faith is dead, being by itself. (18) But someone will say, you have faith, and I have works. Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith from my works. (19) You believe that there is one God, you do well; even the demons believe and tremble. (20) But will you know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? (21) Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar? (22) Do you see how faith worked with his works, and from the works faith was made complete? (23) And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, "Abraham believed God, and it was imputed to him for righteousness, and he was called the friend of God." (24) You see then how a man is justified by works, and not by faith only. (25) And in the same way, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she had received the messengers and had sent them out another way? (26) For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

You can clearly see from what James has said, the same story of Abraham related to show how it was his faith, which made him believe in doing the work of God. That he was willing to give up his own son because of his faith in God and that by this act of attempting to do what he believed God wanted, he showed God through his works that he was dedicated to God. This apply so much to today's world of people telling you how much faith they have, yet ask them to give up their wealth and help the poor and they will tell you they can't. It is the work of giving up all, which shows your true faith; as you know God will always provide for you.
Now within this part by James he says vain man, almost as if his whole basis for what he wrote was aimed at Paul, as it contradicts Paul's whole point. Now the reason within the parts from Paul, was he has this issue of people boasting about there works.

Ephesians 2:9 not of works, lest anyone should boast.

This is something Paul had a great problem with himself, as if you go through all he wrote, look at the amount of times he is going on about what he had done. Now if Paul was actually a follower, of the words of Christ and not his own, he may have taken in that Christ said not to be like the Pharisees and show off your works before men, so therefore no chance to boast!

Matthew 6:1-4 Take heed that you do not do your merciful deeds before men, to be seen by them. Otherwise you have no reward with your Father in Heaven. (2) Therefore when you do your merciful deeds, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may have glory from men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward. (3) But when you do merciful deeds, do not let your left hand know what your right hand does, (4) so that your merciful deeds may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret Himself shall reward you openly.

It is quite easy to see if you have read the epistles of Paul, how many times even with in them, he is boasting of who he is and what he has done, even if he may say he doesn't boast straight after. Yet in comparison, if you read the other books of the Bible, all is focused on God and not the self opinion.

Hebrews 10:24 and let us consider one another to provoke to love and to good works,

Now for once I will give Paul a break, as he does say to try and get other people to do good works and encourage others to love. What happened though with being your own light and doing your own works? If people stopped worrying what other people are doing and focused on them self's, then things get accomplished. While everyone is worrying what each other is doing, things do get done; yet slowly.

Revelations 14:13 And I heard a voice from Heaven saying to me, Write, and blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they shall rest from their labours, and their works follow them.

This clearly states that the works of a person are taken with them, when they die. I will add from my own experience of this and say that, when you see your life flash before your eyes, you also see the ramifications of your actions throughout your life. If you don't stick in 100% it is your fault when the person falls, from what you have said or done. The only way to overcome these is by repentance; many get trapped by this, by not repenting or forgiving. Yet instead many blame others and say it is not their fault, yet if they had followed the words that Christ said, they should have already known this.

Matthew 16:27 For the Son of Man shall come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He shall reward each one according to his works.

This taken with all Christ said of: learning new skills, being a light to the world, helping collect in the harvest, justified by your words, keeping the commandments, giving up wealth, being like a child, forgiving others and trusting God for all your needs. How many can say they keep these things? Many people say we did much in the name, yet it is those who do the work of the father.

Revelations 20:12-13 And I saw the dead, the small and the great, stand before God. And books were opened, and another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. (13) And the sea gave up the dead in it. And death and hell delivered up the dead in them. And each one of them was judged according to their works.

After what I have just shown, everything you have ever said or done is written on your soul and recorded; the whole universe is God and so all has been seen. So every action you have ever taken is your own judge. If you have made tons of mistakes repent to God (walk the other way) as the door is always there. All you have to do is choose to walk through it, by changing your ways, doing good works and forgiving others.
This next bit is where Christ is asked what it means by love your neighbour as your self and who is your neighbour.

Luke 10:30-37 And answering, Yeshua said, A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among robbers, who stripped him of his clothing and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. (31) And by coincidence a certain priest came down that way and seeing him, he passed by on the opposite side. (32) And in the same way a Levite, also being at the place, coming and seeing him, he passed on the opposite side. (33) But a certain travelling Samaritan came upon him, and seeing him, he was filled with pity. (34) And coming near, he bound up his wounds, pouring on oil and wine, and set him on his own animal and brought him to an inn, and took care of him. (35) And going on the next day, he took out two denarii's and gave them to the innkeeper, and said to him, Take care of him. And whatever more you spend, when I come again I will repay you. (36) Then which of these three, do you think, was neighbour to him who fell among the robbers? (37) And he said, the one doing the deed of mercy to him. And Yeshua said to him, Go and do likewise.

This whole parable is to show that everyone is your neighbour and to do good works to everyone. Christ tells you to keep the commandments to receive eternal life and in this instance, this means to love your neighbour as your self. Christ explaining it here is saying you should do good works to all people, to keep this commandment.
These next bits are included as to not miss anything, yet can not be used as evidence against Paul, as he didn't write them.

1Timothy 6:18-19 that they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to share, to be generous, (19) laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.

Titus 3:8 Faithful is the Word, and as to these things, I desire that you strongly affirm that those believing God might be careful to maintain good works. These things are good and profitable to men.

Titus 3:14 and let ours also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, so that they may not be unfruitful.

Titus 3:5 not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit,

Now all of these bits are added, before anyone says well Paul changes his mind here, he didn't actually write these bits. According to professors who have studied the way that Paul uses language. Then also used a computer to go over all the epistles, there is an 80-90% chance that he never wrote these, as the style of writing is completely different to Paul's. The fact that it also contradicts Paul's own teachings, only goes to confirm this.
So all of these although they are accounted to Paul, which would make no sense that he wrote them, as not only do they contradict Paul's teachings, they also contradict them self on the subject of works.
Although I haven't included the parts by the book of John, where it says you must believe in Christ to receive eternal life; when in the other gospels Christ doesn't say this. It is due to it is not directly related to works, yet is a major point, that the whole book of John has many things that can be proven to be false. It is speculation by the author of John, who was presumably a Pharisees from the information contained in his account, else he wouldn't have known the things he knew, as I have discussed in other articles.
It is partially responsible for these Anti-Christ teachings that works do not count. As people would rather take the easy path of believing through another man's righteousness, you can be saved. I will discuss how John contradicts the disciple's accounts on this matter in another article.
With all I have just shown, I pray you can see works do count and you will be judged by them, the teachings of Paul are directly contradictory to this and so are Anti-Christ teachings.
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