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Zan Pan
Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion Posted on: 2006/3/1 7:21
=->Zan Pan
Saying this though I have been given a magic ocarina from friends all over the world with every religious symbol given to me on it.

Yet as i was saying the flute is useless with out the player, 99% off the time i don't wear it.

Yet saying that if I am going in to a situation, where I may need to fight the beast, I wear it i.e. Babylon in to town some times if I have to approach negative people.

It is handy to have on as the sense of that all these friends who are very spiritual to me.

The fact it has a rose quartz pyramid, from my first ever girl friends shop reminds me of that 1st innocent love, so bringing the power back, that, that contains.

Each symbol has a reference and that when in front of my heart, I must say when, I have it on, it reminds me to stay away from bad energies and keep a protective aura around me, which sometimes otherwise I forget and let negatives slip in.

Now as any untrained shaman would say it the flute that has the power, it isn't!

I channel the love I had for the people and it has power as I believe it.

Really it is a piece of clay that plays beautiful music with many pieces of gold and silver and leather attached to it.

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Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion Posted on: 2006/3/1 9:54
Just can't stay away
2005/9/25 0:48
From Stockton California
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The beast is faught from within... not with the false power of material possessions. Your God is not a Crystal. Your God is yourself and all that you are capable of while naked in truth. Do not drag this on any longer. You know the truth is within and is to be found no where else. I can wear dresses made of crystals, and encrust my teeth with crystals. Who am I helping? No one. I am filling my void of insecurity with material objects. My peace and my truth are found within... I am the Indigo Child, I will give away all material possessions and money to those who need it. In nakedness I will find happiness, truth and peace. Goodbye.

Peace and love in the light of truth and all of those Indigo that are to come behind me.


It takes 10,000 years to build one square inch of crystal... yet it takes one second to smile and give a hug. You go on and wait for the material while I achieve peace.

This whole site has gone corrupt. You as well Zanda for defending these material objects. I no longer want to be in the presence of such people. None of you are Indigo... you only know the concept and make the claim. My truth flows freely from the heart. I don't even need to research.
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Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion Posted on: 2006/3/1 12:23

snowraccoon wrote:

From where you read that we wear crystals around our neck etc. or need to wear crystals?

I don't wear any...

Lighten up!

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Re: Frozen Light - The Crystal Lightworker Companion Posted on: 2006/3/1 22:20
Wow that was cool Wiz, thanks for that info!

Where was I , that pixie dust did something, is anybody lifted higher ywt? I also feel being connected to the highest God, and using our bodys and spirits to channel for that, so it can Glorify itself on earth, to lighten the path; is awesome... We have different names for such a thing. I personaly believe there is four in the Godhead, after 35 yrs of data collecting on this.. it dont matte that much, (each to his own level), because even Romans tells us we dont have ta know which God it is, as long as we listen to our consciousness inside of us. Jesus taught to build each others up, to love all, including enemys (but beware-protect yourselfs); and to follow the golden rule.

There are different levels of awareness in these areas. I mean,"what am I suppossed to say when one of heavens UFOs parks over me and transports me inside for 30 seconds", will anybody believe? How many levels are there? I realize what ya'll are saying. Pple talk these things and kick it around..Part of my awareness is the fact, its always been about; letting the essence of the Godhead come inside us, to help us become channels for that path of LOVE, right doing, helping each others out, ect.. Granted many personality types are drawn in.. Even crystal workers, and herbalists, and energy channelers. However I fell in spite of all our gifts, scattered thru out humanity. The graestest gift of all is to channel diety. Or Our Father, Mother (holy spirit oe "El Shaddia") and Jesus and Shekinah (holy ghost).

Human bodys are made for channeling by its basic electricl system of light fiber optics, nervious system, breathing, chakras and piller of light. We costantly channel one way or another. The higher powers can and do channel thru us as various ways at various times. There is so much about this, depending on the level of awareness; and your predestinations in life. If one is a warrior, different commisions are given than a housewife, who feeds, cares for, comforts and ect, for that person. It all breaths and pulses together in a haormony controlled by the cosmic breath. The Astral wind and the Akashac record..

Pixie dust is amazing stuff! I like herbs too? I like rocks, crystals, earth, bird feather, elves, The Godhead ... But I know ultimatly this war between light and darrkness, is going to be finished by a full manifestation of the God head in a certian human segment. And then it will hit the fan,, in this war with darkness. Someone said the light will be here by 2013, that sounds good. There are actually some of us in training now, for the paradygm shift. There are many levels of awarness!

I have to honor God and the Goddess,(El Shaddia) along with thier begotten children of Jesus and Shekina for bringing me into this light. 5 years ago; I had died inside and wanted to die. I threw myself at God and said, its over with.. In that stateee I was led into the metaphysical world and shocking revelations re-awaked me. I didnt know how to do those things or even know if it was real?.

It was operating from the precept; of allowing our creator to channel thru me, in this time period of death I wanted. That allowed them to take me higher, into metaphysics. Now I have since learned about indigos, and chrystal peoples, I am like that now in some ways. Met ufos of all types, even one close encounter. And now find myself in training for this shwodown coming between Jesus/Shekinah; and satan and his kingdom on earth. I have found a new reason to live now, as a warrior with these gifts and awarenesss - for a purpose..

Now this would not have happened if I had not allowed the higher powers and essence of the Godhead to take my spirit and do it! Man they did..Be careful what ya pray for!lol

Anywho just thought I'd share that, I was trying to help as I thought someone had a question or something? Oh yea, there are many levels of experience, types of peoples, things going on, and time seems to be running out! But then we are reborn; as Gods kingdom comes back to earth as spoken of in Daniel 2:44. I ask as many who want to, to bond and co-create with these scriptures and glorify again.. Thank you- and David, heres some pixie dust at ya man! They are real man, I swear, I seen em once!! peace!

This is dude, i forgot to check in,
ps - my mom is having serious surgery tommorow...please pray for a speedy recovery and health..thank you!
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