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Re: LOVE...why do we need it so? Posted on: 2006/5/19 2:10
Just can't stay away
2005/12/31 8:22
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Marriage, does not always equal love...

Zanda I give you this.

Why do couples marry?
They marry to have the grand wedding of all time.
They marry because everyone else is doing it.
They marry for security.
Society prefers married couples to procreate over single women bearing children who they look down and frown upon.
(interesting...wake up! more than 50% of these very same women will one day be single mom's or more often now single dad's are stepping into the role as the feminine role takes hold upon our planet in both men and women.) *Delusional thinking here to think a piece of paper will keep a family as a unit.
Combined income means a bigger house, better cars, more materialism, more taxes paid into the govenment! WOW...the wonder of the world I know it as the American way!
It makes the family happy to celebrate!
Marry for love you say...the Prince and the Princess, oh I still hold on to this fairy tale dream, yet it has never found one such as me. I have tried time and again.
Marry for company, don't want to be loney, sick and afraid.
Marry for convenience.
Marry for socialization and status, go from one social class to another in a the blink of an eye or the signing of a marriage document.
Marry to possess and to grasp and to own and to claim another, to ensure sexual relations, to make claim.
Marry to honor and cherish...what did this ever mean?
Rarely do we ever see marry until death do us part even written in marriage vows these days, I used to be a wedding cordinator too... they are taking it out of lots of ceremonies. Why you ask...because it is known most marriages won't last.
Marry and find jealousy, unrealistic expectations, one partner now desiring to change another, yet they still claim this what Zanda's is referring too? Sickening it seems. Nothing could be farther from true love.

What did I leave out...please add to my list...

One day the idea of marriage will end. The need for that piece of paper for security to get insurance benefits, death benefits and a joint mortgage will be gone. Lawyers wake up your job description is changing! This new generation has had enough of the kind of love of their parents and granparents. Churches be warned a new shift in consciousness is awakening!

More to follow...

Love and Light,
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Re: LOVE...why do we need it so? Posted on: 2006/5/19 2:36
Just can't stay away
2005/12/31 8:22
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The real Love of Heaven...

Part 1

Skipping forward some, I am intrigued by the king of the jungle, the mighty lion, roar! He does indeed keep many females in his pride. It is the way of the jungle to do so. yet, not every culture embraces this on earth yet. Some do and it works for them, we are told. Others go into jealous fits. Zanda, you told me once the Angels play as the lions do, they come together so naturally, no need for marriage, wedding bands or rings that bind and torment, no contracts, no grasping or ownership. Love between them is as free as with the mating of lions. It is as free as the cultures we arrogantly and snobbishly think of as primitive, yet do they not hold more of the greater truth? If it is true all are equal and all loved, then why not love all who vibrate at our same frequency and stop pretending we are here to please just one mate. Stop the insanity of marriage and be as a small child. Choose and choose again, be free to find happiness and joy, pleasures and delight, do no harm, bring laughter and love alive again. The cool thing is your are free to choose. I may just chose differently and this is well cool you see.

I too have died and come back to earth again and understand what it is like to endure the heaviness we exist in. More than most, I suppose what happens is you appreciate every moment and live it to the fullest extent, knowing this may be the last breath or experience you cherish upon the earth. I choose not to miss a single one. To breath in each experience and take many chances. To brave things I'd nevr have considered before I died. I live life now moment to moment where before, I simply was alive. Life slows and is serene and still when you can see things with new eyes. Where I was capable of love, now I am the embodiment of love. Argue if you wish...I know it is true. I brought it back within my heart to share with each of you. I do not fear death, impermenance, the end. Looking toward new beginnings while cherishing the sunset, as well as, each sunrise.

A time to sleep, a time to love, a time for all things...

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Should we have Marriage in the world? Posted on: 2006/5/19 8:12
Not too shy to talk
2006/4/23 10:58
From Heaven
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Ok I have been planning this out for some time; I have many notes on this subject as a whole..

So lets begin....1st this is a continuation of these post which have been moved to here as marriage or the legally binding type or marriage (woe to your lawyers who shut up the way to heaven, wake up people) and love should not be put together.
We felt we would start a Poll as it is such a big question for all of us and no one person can dictate.

Peace B with U
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Re: Should we have Marriage in the world? Posted on: 2006/5/19 9:51
Yeh right Jesus said we should marry...?
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