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Understanding Dreams Meanings Posted on: 2007/2/4 11:07
2004/3/26 7:04
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Take from references within all our books, as much that is symbolic in our books is given by God and is the same within any shaman language.
So symbols are normally related, yet it also takes knowing someone or questioning certain motives of their own. depending that is unless you are speaking with a prophet in which case it can be influences within that dream, that may or may not take place, to give them warning of thing within consciousness.
As many thing can effect dreaming, its like this quote:

What a man spends all day looking at, so shall he dream.

So in understanding the event surrounding you in your life helps, analyze every little bit of the dream, yet then also look at the bigger picture. As parts some times parts interlink to thoughts, you may have been having or really wanted, yet deny your own spirit to accept you do; so it comes out in dream time, that is how you are really feeling.

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