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Snail Shell Psychology Posted on: 6/7 9:13:55
2004/3/26 7:04
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When someone is traumatised, they'll often interact like a snail going into its shell. When a snail feels safe it will fully put out its antenna, and at the end they can see. Yet when a snail is partially unsure, they only partially put out their antenna, and so bump into things. If they are shocked any more they retreat into their shell completely.
This same mechanism applies to human psychology; where when someone is putting out irrational feelers, it is often due to their bad interactions in the past - Plus this shows signs of something wrong with their psyche, to not have the trust.
If someone has even more issues, where they then suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, etc, and they then remove themself from others into their shell, this is where we can diagnose issues by their interactions in weird ways.
Until a person feels confident to fully put out their antenna, and to look clearly, we can show that Snail Shell Psychology applies, where they still have issues to deal with internally. Part of this mechanism, is that when someone does have traumatic issues to deal with, going into the shell isn't a bad thing, it is a recovery technique, to make sure they are in a place of safety.
In our society there is to much insistence on still keep going, when our hearts are broken; when really we should take the time first, to rebuild our inner space. As just like the snail bumping into things, the same happens with people who have damaged psyches, often they will have problematic interactions with others, as they're putting feelers out, and not truly looking at the situation.

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