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Re: Evolution!! Did we come from monkeys? Posted on: 2005/8/19 11:36
Ok, I apologize for the length, but to answer the question first: Did man come from monkeys?... No. It is that simple, even to a person who "believes" in evolution. The scientists who have put this theory together think, based on evidence that is blatant, that man and ape, not monkey, have a common ancestry. This in no way hinders a belief in "creationism" or ID.
Second, what we need to realize, in my own humble opinion, is that when we are confronted with a question about the rational/natural world must look to the natural and not stories of the spiritual/irrational.
Think of the detective who is confronted with the whodoneit question. First, he gathers evidence i.e. the murder weapon, the cause of death, anything that seems odd or out of place, etc. He then questions the witnesses and anyone involved with the victim looking for a motive or any subtle clues. A good detective will look for signs of lies or half-truths from those he questions. He will then put all the evidence on the table and decide on the answer.
It is the same way with this question. As I stated, man did not come from monkey, that isn't what the evidence or the scientists are saying.
If you will look at the fossil records you will see:
A. There are no signs of human fossils until X year.
B. There are signs of ape-like lifeforms at previous Y year.
C. Early Hominid/"Human" skeletons differ from current hominid skeletons.
D. We see the use of crafted tools around fossils who are definitely not human, indicating the use of tools by non-humans.
Now we have a pattern. Now we have an answer. Man most likely evolved from an earlier ape-like lifeform simultaneous to the evolving of the apes we see today.
If you want more evidence look at apes and how they live:
A. They live in primitive tribal commutities.
B. They, the whole tribe, raise each offspring.
C. They war against neighboring tribes.
D. Some even go so far as to use tools, though not crafted tools, such as sticks and rocks, something we thought only humans do.
And we have another pattern. I don't feel like searching for all this stuff, so take the initiative and look it up, google works. Remember to consider the source and the reasoning behind the opinion of the source, however. Otherwise google doesn't work.
As words of wisdom: The beginning is as unimportant as the ending. It's the here and now that is important, and what you do during the here and now.
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Re: Evolution!! Did we come from monkeys? Posted on: 2005/9/9 22:10
listen frien, God is spelt this way, not god, god is your god not mine. believe what you want, but if you do not believe the Bible, some day you will believe, when you are in hell, but by then it is to late.
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Re: Evolution!! Did we come from monkeys? Posted on: 2005/9/14 1:05
The diagram on this site shows how the Christian Theologians and the scientist are both correct. Go to button evolution.
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Re: Evolution!! Did we come from monkeys? Posted on: 2005/9/14 8:41
Just popping in
2005/9/7 9:06
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