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Re: The 13 Dimension and Commandments explained Posted on: 2005/10/14 20:40
Dude here - It appears to be a matrix, of some kind. This one would have a magnectic field, with querks and such, of a certian type. I havnt been able to find out much about it. Apparently its highly classiied..

It has to do with the minds thought dimension, which is spiritual. Everything we think, moves thru the morpho-genetic grid, and thats why Hilter was after it. Whoever controlls this grid, controls that culture, race, or just one King or President at times, ect. Its a living grid of somekind, made by our thoughtwaves. Thats all I know. I do know various governments after Hitler, have been checking this out, our pentegon has probably found out a few things. But agian its all classified.

Its possible that the next astral plane out, called the "real time" zone is connected to this grid, or is a reflection of it, or is in fact the morpho-genetic grid.. Many out of body travelors report about the real time zone, which reflects a copy of everything on earth, including people. Its like where our subconscious would be manifested. Anywho, disturbing reports are written about a "target army". These look like soldiers, but have electronics weapons of somekind. They point these weapons at someones dopplerganger, shadow, or astral reflection; and controll thier thoughts and such. I think I have had this happen to me sometimes.

No one knows who these "target armys" work for. I suspect it is the fallen angels. Whenver people try to find out, wierd thingfs happen to them, it dissapears or they pop back into their bodys on earth. Something is protecting this "target army". All reports are its not benevolent, but hostile and threatning, when they try and aproach this "target army", with their mind controll weapons. I would have to say that this seems like the morph-genetic grid that Hitler was after..

Can you do any out of the body travels, Wizanda?
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Re: The 13 Dimension and Commandments explained Posted on: 2005/10/16 17:19
How did they see it was there?
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Re: The 13 Dimension and Commandments explained Posted on: 2005/10/17 17:00
Dude here: They see it with their eyes. Everybody has a spirit body, "astral body", or shadow; that is connected to our flesh. When you sleep, your conscious often transfers into the astral plane ( astral body) and ya dream. Just before sleep is a zone in between states of sleep and awakness. Its this vibration or "state" one needs to activate, to transfer you conscious into your astral body.
At that point you just "will" yourself to wherever. The astral body seems to be thought driven. But it has eyes and hands and feet, just like our flesh does. Its an exact copy of you.. Havnt you read about any out of the body stuff?

aul had sevral out of the body stuff, and even wrote, "to be out of the body is to be present with the Lord".EVIDENTLY, Paul was taken to heaven I guess, for reasons to help him. Many churches use that statement to prove, you go to heaven when you die. But that is not in context at all. Churches lie all the time, take things out of context, destroy true believers as heretics, when we point these things out. Churches and denominations have become terrible, horrendous places anymore. They worship the dragon, just like it says in Rev 13.

But not to get sidetracked, it should be fairly easy to do out of the body stuff. Has anyone here been to heaven, or been out of the body? Could you please share that experience with us?
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Re: The 13 Dimension and Commandments explained Posted on: 2005/10/17 22:55
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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If you would like me to share what I saw when I died, I will write it up as a full article as there is a lot to explain.
There a couple of things I have seen that make me more confused in a way, as what I saw when I died, was the whole thing this is a lot to take in.
Yet I have also seen what I feel the grid is you are talking about and that is about the 8th dimension, as it is a time grid yet I didn't see that when I died.
You would think having seen how the matrix works; it would make it easier it doesn't.
There are so many levels to the coding of existence, yet I will try and explain what I have seen the best I can, tomorrow.

N B with U
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