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Re: Evolution!! Did we come from monkeys? Posted on: 2005/6/7 17:16

You said:
"...DNA does decide everything. color of hair height ect... Ever hear of DNA programming? Also, DNA determines certain breeds of cats do not have tail. They were bred that way. "

I was expecting an answer such as "God decides everything and not DNA..." It is DNA which decides everything or God?

If you have blond hair, is it because DNA decides that? You have blonde hair becasue one of your parents had it... DNA is merely transmitting the trait to the offspring. Simple. Now the smart question to ask is: Why do I have parents with blonde hair rather than black hair? Because God wants that??? Where is free will then? Becasue I deliberately picked those parents? maybe... something to think about...

You said:
"Yes human souls are different because God breathed life into humans. He created us from dirt and by the way, there are 5 differnt colors of dirt-red brown black white andyellow. "

Souls don't breath. God created us from dirt??? You are the one that spoke about DNA and you want me to believe that?
and that there are 5 colors of dirt??
Is this reasonable? Which color of dirt were Adam and Eve then? and how the other colors came into existence?
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Re: Evolution!! Did we come from monkeys? Posted on: 2005/6/7 21:25
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2005/5/31 2:19
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Well God created DNA first of all. I would never even imagine or consider asking a question such as why do I have parents with any genetic attribute. Why that brings up free choice I will never know. I must be missing some thing there.

Who cares what color Adam and Eve were? Not me. Not an important issue and I don't want to make it one. I am sick of hearing that question and sick of people saying because they found a persons' bones of a certain race and that they are older than any bones ever found that this is the founder of mankind. Everyone wants to lay claim to their race being the beginning of it all. Who cares? Yes God breathed life into us. Yes we were made from the dirt of the ground. We were fashioned in His image. Not identical but similar. Sounds wild? Well a lot of religions have different versions of the same story because God created a lot of people after Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden. So then begs the question, if this is so, when God covered the earth with the flood then noahs family was the only one left. What race were they? Gee think that God might have done it again? Made more people.

I don't know if dirt has DNA but all the properties that are in dirt are what we have in us and are also the mineral ect... required to keep us alive through our food (that grows out of the dirt)

So on the other hand explain to me how in the universe we just evolved or happened to pop into existance without a God to create us?

God is THE spirit and He has always been here. The probabilities that we appeared out of nowhere are unbelieveable. It is much more likely that we were created.
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Re: Evolution!! Did we come from monkeys? Posted on: 2005/6/8 1:45
It is VERY important to know the race of Adam and Eve in order to believe in the validity of the creation story of the Bible, of course; many have argued that things shouldn't be taken literally, but then what should be literal and what not? who is to say what is?
It doesn't matter who cares or who doesn't. Any inquisitive mind will have such question. The truth is that nobody knows the answer. Logically, if Adam and Eve were a certain race it is very unlikely that the other races appeared in 6000 years.

As I said many times in different posts. We cannot be created. We are souls. Souls take bodies according to their karmic accounts (actions in previous lives). We didn't evolve in the universe, because we are souls. However, souls can be soul conscious beings or body conscious beings (which is our current situation) Science says in its 1st Law of conservation of matter/energy: Matter cannot be created neither destroyed, it can only be transformed. It is so hard to imagine that we are eternal? It is so hard to understand that according to this 1st law matter CANNOT be created? This is logical, reasonable and consistent with modern science.

Eternal means that you cannot be created neither destroyed. You, the soul is always existing.
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Re: Evolution!! Did we come from monkeys? Posted on: 2005/6/8 11:22
Did you know the Quran states, that Allah will allow it that people be decieved, and think that we came from monkeys

Have a rethink, as why would it be foretold??
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