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The Meaning of Life Posted on: 2004/10/30 10:47
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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Started this when we were 8 years old and would love to know the answer...

On many levels, I can answer it, yet that is still only my perspective...

One is we are here to continue in the circle of life and that we need to reproduce and then teach our children, the skills they will need for life...
Yet that is only part of it...
From what i can see, our waste isn't waste as such; yet nutrients for the earth...
It's what makes soil and is full of nitrates and phosphates; which plants need to grow
So imagine if you created the earth in the first place:

What would you do, if you wanted the seeds to spread from fruit trees?

What would you do if you wanted to break the broken branches off trees; so they didn't then rot the tree?

What would you do if you want to make sure every plant got nutrients recycled, so it matched climatic changes?

It makes scientific and logical sense on this point; why do we leak?
what point is there in it?
If we evolved why would we still need to leak, all day?
If we were created, why?

So it is all very well us all polluting and carrying on as if we are separated from nature and there is no tomorrow....
yet we have been designed to work with it...

For many people, spending time in the garden or going out to the woods, is when they feel the most content...

OK then, why is this here many asked?
Well if it is all one and we worked with the world, we could make it into such a beautiful place; that would fulfill most people if there wasn't want...

There is many natural pillars and features of this earth, in alignment with the stars, so from the days of old, making this heaven on earth..
Christ also said heaven is at hand, again Paul's ideology was that of a castle style throne, so changing many peoples perspective...

So why would God exist?

Well in the beginning it says there was nothing and presumably this is correct...

So even with science, why the big bang?
Where did it come from? Who made it; so that atoms function together, as do quarks on a even smaller level?
Every level works; that isn't messed about with by us and still does work in symbiosis...

So some thing must of created all of this, for it to all function correctly...

But why?
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Re: The Meaning of Life Posted on: 2004/11/9 14:16
How is anyone ment to answer that?
only god know`s!
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Re: The Meaning of Life Posted on: 2004/11/10 10:12
2004/3/26 7:04
From Nottingham, UK
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If God is one; every person sees their own perspective reflection of God...

The ways of nature are created by God..

If we look at picture long enough, you start to understand the artist, the same can be said about creation..

So if enough people all said their beliefs about God, then we would start to come to some sort of global picture...

From that understanding, we would then all start to see common themes in religion's and belief's...

From there we could can have more of a clue, to why we are here...

It's OK for someone to say all his belief's, yet someone on the other side of the world, will have a slightly different view...

So slowly belief's change as we learn, as we can see from history; even in most peoples own religions they change over time, to become more full......

So as one people we can answer this question, as God is one and we are his people, no matter what religion...

God is of spirit and those of spirit God knows...

so if you feel you can enlighten on this subject of the meaning of life...
please say, as the more people there are, the more answers we can find...

N B with U
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Re: The Meaning of Life Posted on: 2005/2/15 16:16
Just popping in
2005/2/15 15:57
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Thank you for the opportunity to share.

Who was created first the chicken or the egg?
"The problem of the origin of the universe is a bit like the old question: Which came first, the chicken, or the egg." - Stephen Hawkins
Philosophers and Scientists treat this question as a conundrum. The belief is the "Time arrow" is a "straight line"; from a nebulous beginning to an uncertain future. This question is answered if we consider time as being curved, a circle. Then, around this time line there is always a chicken before an egg and an egg before a chicken. Time is cyclical and predestined. Past, present and future are relative to a point of reference (Einstein). There is no creation, things always existed but changed. "Matter is not created nor destroyed, it only changes". This is called eternity.

We are souls having a bodily experience. We are in this physical body to express and to experience. God is another soul. Souls are eternal. Just like matter they cannot be created neither destroyed. There is a physical existence which science is aware of, however science is ignorant of that which goes beyond matter. Please reflect upon the above view (time cyclical, predestined) it reflects what our scientist are finding. Once they found about quantum mechanics, they realized how little they knew about the world.

God is the purifier. He reminds us who we really are. As Plato said: " we don't learn, but remember". This physical world is an eternal recurrence as Nietzche, Heineand Poincare showed.

Linear time and theories such as evolution, ID and creationists, cannot explain the origin , cannot explain the paradox of the chicken and the egg. Cyclical time can do it, easily. There are may deep consequences behind cyclical time. Give it a thought.

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