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Anti-Christ's Teachings

Most don't realize the Bible is an IQ Morality Test where John, Paul, and Simon the stumbling stone (peter) are purposely prophesied to be corrupt.

Basically we have the Sheep on one side Matthew, Mark, Luke (Synoptic Gospels), and then we have the Pharisees on the other John, Acts, Paul, Peter.

James, Jude, Revelation explain from an Ebionite perspective, that Christianity was fraudulent from its origins, yet people don't study church history.

The original followers of Yeshua were called the Ebionites (Zechariah 11:11), which means the 'Poor Ones'; Paul systematically killed them off, sending people back to work to pay Roman Taxes. Then Paul and Simon created Christianity in Acts 11:25-26 contrary to Christ.

The Gospel of John was correlated by the Sanhedrin to discredit Yeshua among the Jews, and became part of the Christian Cannon, as it fitted with Pharisaic ideals of Christianity.
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