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Proving Yeshua as the Messiah

With many people missing details about why Yeshua is Messiah, here is an explanation that fills in many of the gaps.
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Lets start with the word 'Messiah' or 'Anointed' within the Tanakh, which we find in Daniel 9:26, and Isaiah 52:14 in the dead sea scrolls version, where there is an additional yod on the word 'marred', making it 'anointed'.

Thus these are the only specific references to an 'anointed one'; people who like to take all the best bits about the Messianic age, and then apply them to the Messiah are not being logically consistent.

In both these texts the person is cut off from the land of the living, and thus the Messiah is to be murdered; which then causes a chain of events that interlink with these passages.

Daniel 9:2 quotes it is referencing Jeremiah, and the 70 years in Babylon, which we find in Jeremiah 25:1-14... As we continue through Daniel 9:20-27 the end concurs with Jeremiah 25:30-38.

So they both say 70 years in Babylon, we return, rebuild, Messiah comes, is Murdered, and then we're cut off according to Jeremiah...

Jeremiah 25:30-38 uses very specific keywords that we also find in Zechariah 11 ('wailing of the shepherds', 'flock for slaughter', etc).

Zechariah 11:8 also says that the person is abhorred by the leaders of the people, as we find in Isaiah 53:3.

So the Messiah will come challenge the leaders, be rejected, put to death for 30 pieces of silver, which shall be put into the potters field in the house of Israel; this then nullifies the covenants, which allows for the 2nd temple destruction, and diaspora.

Next to establish why the covenants could be broken, and who the Messiah is, we need to take a step back.

H3444 (Yeshua) + H7200 (To see) = Exodus 14:13, Psalms 98:3, Isaiah 52:10 (2 Chronicles 20:17 Jehoshaphat Vs Ammon)

Here we see that YHVH can be 'seen' as our 'salvation' (Yeshua); and given that in Isaiah 52:10 we have Yeshuat Eloheinu, which means the salvation of our God, where the roots are Yeshua Elohim this then makes sense why in Isaiah 52:13-14, it is making clear that the Divine Servant appears as a son of man.

H3444 (Yeshua) + H1961 (To become) = Exodus 15:2, Psalms 118:14-21, Isaiah 12:2 (2 Samuel 10:11 David Vs Ammon) + Isaiah 33:2-6, Isaiah 49:6, Isaiah 51:6-8

The idea that YHVH would 'become' 'Yeshua' existed back to Moses, and then David in Psalms 118:14-21 places the Chief Corner Stone that the Builders reject in the middle of the references.

What shocks me, is the amount of times it calls our God derivatives of to save (Yesha), and thus it is very easy to understand that Yeshua as a concept existed in the Tanakh before the NT.

In the NT the Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen is the one parable in all Synoptic Gospels, it interlinks these prophetic events; yet not as most people understand it, as they've missed the additional contexts.

Isaiah 5 + Isaiah 28:9-19 (Ezekiel 1-7) = Isaiah 53 + Zechariah 11 = Jeremiah 25 + Daniel 9 = The Parable of Wicked Husbandmen

The parable is based on Isaiah 5, where the Lord comes to test if the people love him or his Vineyard. Due to the timelines already presented, this is before the 2nd temple destruction; and as Isaiah 5:13 says my people are cut off for lack of knowledge, which this explanation is showing.

Now here comes the crux of the whole matter, Isaiah 53:1 says who would have 'believed' the 'rumor'; a rumor on its own, can be true, false or null; yet when we put the word belief before it, it should make it so far fetched how can anyone believe it.

Isaiah 53 defiles the Law in multiple places, and the idea people just accept it as being Kosher is sickening; thus you'd think people would look for additional contexts...

If we search Isaiah for rumor (H8052), we find that there are two in Isaiah 28:9-19 where it creates a symbolic Bed in a chiastic structure (Isaiah 28:20), and in the middle of the Bed of Adultery is the Chief Corner Stone (Isaiah 28:16), which Yeshua stated at the end of the Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen, where it is telling us to take our time understanding this.

The Bed of Adultery (Revelation 2:22) explains that the covenant with death, that shall be established due to Isaiah 53, shall come to nothing, as it is a defilement of the Law. In Isaiah 28:13 it explains that this shall be as a Snare to capture by a Line, which runs to Isaiah 34 to remove the ravenous beings in one go.

These same keyword used of 'snared' and 'captured' are in Isaiah 8, where it talks of Immanuel being the rock of salvation, that is rejected by our people unknowingly (Isaiah 17:9-10).

Ezekiel 7:26 understood the rumor on rumor of Isaiah 28, and has the same timeline of the 2nd temple destruction, and diaspora. In Ezekiel 4 we're cut off because of exchanging animal sacrifice for man, and in Ezekiel 5 two thirds are put to death, and one third is sent out into the nations.

Yeshua stated this same thing in Matthew 26:31, that when they strike the shepherd, two thirds will be removed, like we find in Zechariah 13:7-8.

So the Messiah based on the text had to come before the 2nd temple destruction, and diaspora, had to fulfill all these preemptive requirements, as this Snare shall remove all the ungodly (Isaiah 24, Isaiah 34).

The Curse that Moses stated in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26, which is said to be placed after Elijah came before the Day of the Lord (Malachi 4:5-6); happened as John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah, and Yeshua was the spirit of the Lord, in the flesh of David our king, that was put to death by our people, thus we can understand why the Lord turned away, and cursed us.
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