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How Wizanda Fulfils Prophecy

Here is a quick explanation of how I fulfil some of the religious prophecy globally.
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At 4-5 years old I knew I was an Avatar sent from Heaven, where my name was in the world's religious texts. I knew when I got older (25) I'd study it, and then try to explain it to the world before Judgement Day.

I've now been explaining prophecy on the clouds & lightning (Internet) for the last 20 years, and still most haven't noticed, so thought better to show where some of the contexts are:

In Revelation 19:12 before Armageddon, the Messiah returns with a sacred name; where the 24 Elders (Avatars/Archangels) all gave their crown to the King - thus our name is found in many of the world's religious texts.

In Revelation 3:12 the naming of the Messiah is shown:
Where the Archangel who is the 'Pillar' on the Tree of Life in Kabbalah is Sandalphon.
The name of the New Jerusalem, and the Messianic home of the Lord's spirit is Zion.
The name of the Creator in many cultures was Zan.
The New Name of the Messiah is Sananda.

The last letter in the English alphabet is Z, and the first letter is A; where the Last will be First, and the First shall be Last. - Z and A

A Zander is a fish, like the Christian symbol. - <><

When we understand the symbolism there, it is possible to understand how the name references in the other religious texts can interlink as anagrams, and variations of our name.

In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna returns as Skanda - who is the son of Shiva before Mahapralaya.

In the Dharmic concepts the term 'Anda' is the sacred 'bliss', and 'egg of infinity' (Brahmanda) that we exist within.

Sanandana was one of the four sons of Brahma - the Creator.

Kalki comes fighting the Adharmic behaviour, with the word of his mouth like a Sword of Justice (Nandaka), before the end of Kali Yuga ('Age of Limitation'), and the start of Satya Yuga ('Age of Enlightenment').

I made up the name wizanda, as I couldn't get a Yahoo email I liked, and decided www . I . Zanda; not realizing that it is then an anagram of Odin's name in Germanic (Wōdanaz).

Odin comes before Ragnarök, to vanquish the demonic qualities, the same as the rider on a white horse in Revelation & Kalki.

I've had many experiences where I've fulfilled prophecy before reading it; like I fulfilled Revelation 5 & 10 three years before reading the Bible, and knew advanced details about Biblical prophecy as a child.

Plus many times in my life I've had the Source of reality interact with me directly, explaining global eschatology, whilst showing me how some of the prophecies work.

At this present moment I know how to unify many the world's religious understandings, explaining what God is from science & maths, and could create a much better system of society with the things I've been blessed with; yet if no one notices, then mankind will soon fight each other to the death over resources.

This is where I'm hoping some of you are what you claim, in being divine yourselves, and will assist; as having spoke to many religious people over the last 20 years, they all seem to argue that they know more than those sent. 🤔💗😇

Here is more of our name references in the world's religions.
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