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Why Did God Allow Yeshua to be Crucified?

What the majority believe about Christ being crucified, is the exact opposite, and here is an explanation of why the world has already been lead to be anti-Christ's doctrine.
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A simple summary would be:

Immanuel came to lay a Snare, where he becomes the bait in the Bed of Adultery (Isaiah 28:9-19), to see who has listened to the Law, & the Testimony of the Lord (Isaiah 8:11-22).

It wasn't God who placed people into the Bed of Adultery, it was always prophesied that the Pharisaic authors (John, Paul, Simon petros) would corrupt what was ascribed (Jeremiah 5:26), by using the Messiah as a way to catch the Gentiles.

The more complex explanation:

To understand this properly, we have to start from the prophesied precept upon precept, not look to a Pharisaic appraisal (John, Paul, Simon petros) of what they believed was happening.

Thus lets start at the Beginning, many Christians believe that due to Adam & Eve fetching sin into the world, that had to be paid for, and that the darker forces that mislead them, would be caught out by the death of the Messiah (Genesis 3:15).

The idea that sin is passed down from Adam & Eve firstly is in error, Ezekiel 18 clearly relates that sin is not passed down from father to son, and therefore it was not passed all the way from Adam & Eve; yet this was a Pharisaic concept, that we're all in sin, cut off from God in a way, without them properly realizing God is the Source of reality. It was the Lord of Creation (YHVH) who turned away from Israel multiple times, due to their immorality.

Next we can not pay God, as stated in Psalms 49:7 that God doesn't accept 'Ransom' or 'Payment'; as if we think about this logically, God created the whole universe, and can manifest what ever it wants simply by thinking about it. Thus God can forgive sin instantly, as happens in Isaiah 6, where Isaiah feels he is unworthy, and God instantly forgives his sin, without payment or price.

Yeshua when he was at the house of Simon the Pharisee in Luke 7:41-42, pointed out that the Master can forgive both debtors without payment, and so was emphasizing there was nothing to pay.
The forms of Judaism within the Sanhedrin, had all got beliefs that they could pay God with sacrifices to atone, and so they'd also concluded that the prophets death could also count for atonement.
This was one of Yeshua's main contentions against the Sanhedrin, where in Mark 7:1-13, he challenged them for doing away with the Torah, by claiming it was right in anyway that someone's murder could count for atonement, and the same in Matthew 23:27-38 where he declared the Jews would be cut off, for having claimed the prophet's deaths could count for atonement.

In the Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen (Matthew 21:33-46, Mark 12:1-12, Luke 20:9-19) Yeshua warns how since they murdered the prophets, they'd murder the Messiah the same, and claim people got an inheritance from his death, yet instead they'd be condemned by God for believing such a thing.
This is the Covenant with Death that was ascribed in the Bed of Adultery in Isaiah 28:15 & 28:18, with the Chief Corner Stone placed in the middle of it in Isaiah 28:16.

People quote Isaiah 53 to try to prove the Messiah came to atone for the sins of the world, as the Pharisaic authors John, Paul, Simon petros, re-emphasized what was written. It was these Pharisaic authors who have told people to defile the contexts of both the Law, and Isaiah 53, where if we read it carefully, in Isaiah 53:10, it please the Lord to allow the Messiah to suffer at the cross to fulfil God's plan, yet it makes God grieve when you make the Messiah into an animal/human sacrifice.

Thus the Messiah was allowed to be crucified to act as bait in the Bed of Adultery, to see who'd not listen to the Law & Testimony of the Messiah, and in the process seeing who doesn't have the light in them - to realize it was immoral to claim God sent someone to die as a human sacrifice.

Instead as Yeshua asked twice, 'I ask for mercy & not sacrifice' (Matthew 9:13, Matthew 12:7), 'and the knowledge of God, is more important than your burnt offerings' (Hosea 6:6).
In Isaiah 53:11-12 it is 'through the Messiah's knowledge, that he turned many to righteousness', and 'because he made his grave with the wicked, he is given an inheritance to share with the strong, and to make intercession for sin', not because mankind deems they've paid God.

The real test in Genesis 3:15, was to catch out those who have a darker spirit, who'd accept a Covenant with Death, with no real investigation; yet due to the Pharisaic authors doing such a good job of rewriting prophecy, even some of the good people are being convinced to follow the anti-Christ's doctrines (John, Paul, Simon petros), without being aware of the differences.

Because the Sanhedrin would pay 30 pieces of silver (the price of a slave or prostitute), for the price of their Lord (YHVH), made manifest in the flesh of David to be their king, the Lord then divorced Israel in Zechariah 11, placing them under the Curse of Moses (Deuteronomy 28). Where in Zechariah 11:10 they broke the Abrahamic Covenant by rejecting their Lord & King, and when they paid the 30 pieces of silver, they broke the Sinai Covenant in Zechariah 11:12-14. This then made it that they eat each other's flesh at the 2nd temple destruction (Zechariah 11:9), where this was prophesied in the Curse of Moses (Deuteronomy 28:53-55).
Thus God let them murder the Messiah, for them to divorce themselves; then they rewrote it after in the false Gospel of John & Paul's writings, to make it look like they weren't cut off, and the Gentiles should be grafted onto them i.e Judaeo-Christendon.

To summarize:

God allowed the Messiah to be crucified, as a way to test who listens carefully, and who pays attention morally to what is ascribed.

Within the Bible it continually references a written document being the Mighty Work of the Lord, and this is where the Bible is like a Morality IQ exam.

The three Synoptic Gospels Vs the False Gospel of John, is literally laid out like an IQ test.

Saul and Sheol (Hell) are spelled the same in Hebrew; thus Saul/Paul was prophetically named, to be against Yehoshua/Yeshua - named after the Angel of the Lord.

Simon was called Petros (a small stone, like a pebble), which is prophesied to create an anti-Christ Pharisaic deception globally (Zechariah 3:9, Isaiah 8:14-16); where we have Midrash showing that Simon left the original followers of Yeshua (Ebionites), joined Paul, and they created Christianity together in Antioch (Acts 11:25-26).

Thus God let the Messiah be crucified, and all of this to happen, so it could be seen that some would 'follow evil as good' (Isaiah 5:20), and that in this being acknowledged, it would allow people to become smarter, and see their own hypocrisies.
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