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Re: Truth Is One Posted on: 2005/7/8 9:13
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2004/8/9 6:27
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Let's see if I can help here.

Creating a more heavenly planet on Earth

It is my belief that through the spread of democracy, worldwide, that the world will come closer to being a "Heaven on Earth". This goal has been attempted by several empires all of which resulted in failure: Romans, Greeks, Egyptians. Unfortunately due to lack of enlightenment worldwide, and specifically the value placed upon life on earth, it will take offensive measures such as war, in order to spread democracy and make for a more peaceful planet.

Hopefully that paragraph clears up what some think I have a conflict over; wanting love and peace but supporting the spread of democracy and the war machine.

One of the key ingredients to the creation of a more heavenly planet is belief tolerance; that is, a country, nation or group of people with several different spiritual beliefs residing in the same location in peace.

The vision seen beyond the days in which the world comes together are amazing. To elaborate on this and make clear the situation we must break it down to basics. The idea is simple, the task huge, but once met, our goals as humankind will be new and limitless.

We must start by producing an entirely peaceful planet. This has never been done before in a civilized manner. Once total world peace is assumed top scholars, doctors, engineers, scientists and other professionals will all come together, pool their talent and resources together and focus on cures for cancer, aids, leukemia and other diseases, we will reach as deep into the ocean as possible discovering things never seen before by the human eye and we will come together to push for living in the final frontier; space. Imagine China and England working on a Jupiter Rover. Imagine a self sustaining eco system that allows for a one day work week for everyone and world hunger at ZERO. We have the ability to do this folks. We, together, can make this happen.

The creation of a utopian planet may scare a lot of people however I do believe that this is what we as a human kind were meant to do. Why not make life easier on all of us? It shouldn't be that difficult. Imagine a one day work week six day weekend. Days full of dance and celebration, food, drink and water sports.

So, with time, and patience we must as a worldly people, begin to respect each others religions and beliefs, seek out the true history behind many of our religious books and maintain our spiritual connection at all times. The key here is to have belief tolerance, or knowing that it is ok that a person chooses a different belief system than you and that you both can live peacefully in the same location.
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Email to President & Founder of Revealing the Truth Ministries Posted on: 2004/8/28 5:16
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2004/8/9 6:27
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Ron, Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. My minor in studies is in theology though I am young at it I shall take a swipe at replying/answering to what you have written so very well, and I thank you.

Yes, I have asked who God is and the reply was very simple; an all loving God, one whom loves all races and beliefs, who is within and throughout all. As far as placing the different religions on the stand in a comparison scenario infact I am doing that now, and one thing I find to be very clear; nearly all of them contain "The Golden Rule". Unfortunately, in most cases, man has strayed from this rule and acted out in negative ways therefor often times giving their own religion a bad name.

Here is my dilemna with "One True Faith". We as a humankind have been unable to come together since the beginning of time, and in large part due to "One True Faith" belief systems. We see this in the Gaza Strip Isreal, we see this in Africa in Darfu, and we see this in the middle east in Iraq and Afghanistan not to mention throughout history over and over and over again. It is my belief that through understanding belief tolerance to be an imperitive part to our society may allow for humankind to develop our world into a much more heavenly and peacful place. Why can't Christian's simply accept a Muslim or a Buddhist for instance, love them and accept them and their belief?

I am happy to hear that what I advocate is within the realm of Christian beliefs, I appreciate you clarifying that. Here is a challenging point for the typical Christian follower: What many Christians fail to do is investigate for themselves how Jesus came about and how for instance the New Testament evolved. Many do not know that it was a book of which scriptures were selected by a group of men, whom some of which were Pagan's (Sun Worshipers) early on, i.e. Contantine and the Council of Nicea for instance. Have you taken the time to goto the source of the truth behind how the Bible came about? Basically, by placing faith into something without researching it is simply blind faith, which I personally dont understand. Perhaps you can help me out on this but I certainly would like to know a bit about what I am placing my faith into before I did.

I believe we should conduct our lives and have respect for each other through God's will, as I said, the "Golden Rule" is found in nearly every faith. If only people would adhere.

I have accepted Christ into my life, years ago, but I also have accepted the presence of many other beliefs, and that is ok with the God I pray to. Do you think that there is something wrong with this position? I would like to know your stance on this.

I am not trying to create a new version of God, and neither am I trying to be god, that would be silly. I know that this realization has always existed. There has always been "One True God" it's just we as humankind have never put our history, fighting and ego's aside to get to know the real God.

Ron, I really appreciate your feedback and you not sending me loads of scripture as if entirely brainwashed by the bible. Your emails are enlightening and I appreciate them. I look forward to your reply.


---- Original Message ----
Subject: Re: Global religious tolerance
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 2127 EDT

>Have you bothered to check out who God really is? Have you ever
>placed these
>religions on the stand and compared them to see if they hold true to
>claim of being the "one true faith"?
>Everything you advocate is taught within Christianity and comes from
>the One
>True God. Christianity can defend itself as the One True Faith by
>which man
>can truly know God.
>You may want to investigate your own beliefs to see if what you
>believe is
>right. You seem to advocate that we are all children of God. If
>that is so,
>and I believe it is, then who sets the boundaries through which we
>conduct our lives and respect each other? Is it man, or God? I
>believe and the
>Bible teaches that you should never put your trust in man but place
>your faith in
>God. The reason for that is so that you don't fall into the trap of
>to become your own God and your own truth.
>Man has been doing that and acting against God for 6000 years.
>Christianity and the claims of Christianity. Jesus Christ said that
>"only" He
>is the way and the truth and the life and that no one can go to
>heaven unless
>they go through Him. If this is true, and I believe it is, then all
>faiths are man made and are false attempts of man to try and create
>their own
>version of God and what God's truth is. Why not go to the source and
>falling into a trap of trying to determine your own spiritual truth
>which will
>only lead you to destruction.
>In Christ's name,
>Ron Ray
>President and Founder - Revealing The Truth Ministries
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"I Have a Vision" Posted on: 2004/8/9 6:33
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2004/8/9 6:27
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"I Have a Vision"
by: Scott Bruno

Heaven on Earth

Subject: An address to the people and church leadership

In the summer of 2003 I had a several visions in which many messages and discoveries came to me. I have chosen to write about this experience in hopes of sharing these visions and discoveries so that we may together make for a better place on earth. And perhaps, with a little help from each other, bring a more heavenly world about. I am not sure why these messages came to me but the main message was very clear; Heaven is on Earth.

I believe that there are two facets to finding heaven on earth. The first being that of finding heaven within oneself; a greater inner peace if you will. Secondly that being as the world coming together globally for a more heavenly planet. Again, one man or woman can not do this alone, however, a large group of people, with a vision, and the motivation to make dire change can reach far beyond our imaginations and make this vision a reality.

This memo has been drafted for all the different churches and belief systems leadership in order to share a unified finding in which will address a long standing need to begin to come together in order to achieve the prior unthinkable; Heaven on Earth.

Such a goal may draw strict criticism from all corners of the world but all should remember that it is heaven that many, if not all of us have been reaching for since the beginning of time. The very first step in the process of attaining this goal resides within the people and leadership of the churches, and specifically in respecting each others beliefs. Until we learn to love one other, regardless of our beliefs, we will never reach a more divine existence upon earth.

Be aware of "Belief Tolerance" that is, a country, nation or group of people with several different spiritual beliefs residing in the same location in peace. While "Belief Tolerance" is dearly accepted in the United States, and many other countries, we are witnessing lack of "Belief Tolerance" in many areas throughout the world. As leaders in the church communities and of the missions that touch the far reaches of countries around the world it is imperative now to begin a new message. As leaders in the varying churches we need to understand that each of our teachings contains the "Golden Rule" that many if not all of our beliefs wish to perform good and not harbor and perform acts of evil. Our message should be of togetherness and not of "Our way or the highway". The time has come to break down the walls between our beliefs and set our sites upon our common goal.

Perhaps it is best to share that this vision comes from an all loving God, a supreme being whom loves all races, religions and beliefs. Some basic principles which were offered were as follows:

1. That all beliefs should respect each others beliefs peacefully

2. That each person is a temple within themselves

3. That together we can imagine and produce a more heavenly earth, but apart we will continue to repeat history

4. That the choice of being positive, over being negative, creates positive lasting results

5. That thinking globally and acting locally will help speed the creation of a more heavenly earth

6. That seeking out beauty in all that we see, touch, taste, smell and hear will inherit further beauty

This message is to urge church leadership to halt speaking down upon other religious beliefs and to begin focusing on a more loving global message of cooperation. The truth has come to you now by God and it is now our mission to begin to carry out this loving message of neutrality. Let us begin this, our final approach, together. If you have come across this message and are not a leader in a group please do your best to spread the word. God Speed.

Scott Bruno
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Quote by Scott Bruno Posted on: 2004/8/9 6:29
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2004/8/9 6:27
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"Fear is nothing more than an opportunity for courage" Scott Bruno 2004
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